Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Little Good News Today

Helen Thomas, icon of the White House press core, is still alive (certainly more than most of us) and is holding the Bush barbarian bombast to the fire. Fearless is a good word for Helen, she is honed by fire.

Karen Hughes must be getting ready to do her S & M number for Dubya soon.

Following the Rove rheotoric that would be "repeat anything often enough and after awhile most people believe it."

i.e. 50% of Americans believed Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11, (until a few months ago when some facts actually reached the American public through shows like "The Daily Show" (Jon Stewart) and "The Colbert Report", both use political satire).

Stephen Harper and Foreign Minister McKay at their wedding. The honeymoon will be paid for by the Abramoff Defense Fund, and will be held at a golf club in Scotland. The warm couple who put the "c" in cuddle, will take a casino cruise where old friend Ralph Reed is the choir director. Rumor has it the pair may even take in a Bilderberg conference, especially if Tony and George are there.

If you miss anything you can likely catch up at

Where Arianna Huffington and guest authors carry the torch of truth, shining light in the dark places: (an excerpt)

I want my daughters to have FBI files. I want them filmed by hostile government agents during mass protests against injustice. If they get lucky, they’ll be tear-gassed; not so much to do damage, just enough to make a good story. Like I was tear gassed as a child. Just like my mother wanted it.

When I was eight my mother led our whole family into the marches against segregation in Chicago. The FBI spied on us then, too. In the sixties, the Bureau claimed to be looking for “communists,” now they’re hunting “terrorists," but they look for enemies among the same group of Americans: protesters, we who dissent. At civil rights marches there were countless guys in suits taking movies and snapshots of us all. Sometimes it was the FBI, sometimes the Chicago Police Department’s in-house anti-subversive unit, the Red Squad. My mother taught us to smile a wave at the camera. Even at eight we understood they meant to scare us. I was in Catholic schools at the time so I was well acquainted with the notion of stuff going on my “permanent record.”

Cynthia McKinney has been attracting the wrath of the Cons as she consistently lays out the facts.

They attack everything from her hair cut to resisting harassment by a guard, and still she stands,

and so do you and I.


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