Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Levelling Lebanon - the Plan

They would not even be in office if not for the disenfranchisement of over a million black voters.

This sick, criminal Bush administration and congress has questioned the voting act and the right of people of color to vote.

Negroponte, known as "Dr. Death" in South America for his use of death squads and the promotion of civil war, training and turning loose psychopaths in their own communities, to murder priests, and drive indigenous people off their own land . The utter GALL that the US administration would appoint this man and then call others, "terrorists."

Cindy Sheehan does what few men (other than Stephen Colbert) have had the balls to do - confront TREASON. Richard Perle, architect of the PNAC, the Iraq war, and currently is encouraging further bombing in the Middle East.

The architects of perpetual war, fascism and the destruction of democracy in the USA.

These are the self-appointed "elite" who would rule us and the world.

The Neocons Are Talking War—Again
Tom Barry, IRC June 8, 2006

IRC Right Web

The neocons are largely united over Iran policy, which they say should have three pillars: avoid diplomacy, which they call appeasing the “evildoers;” destabilize Iran and set the stage for regime change by supporting the “true democrats;” and bomb Iran before it poses an imminent threat to Israel or the United States.
The neocons and their allies in the Pentagon and vice president's office set the Bush administration's policy on Iraq. As they set their sights on the next target of preventive war and regime change, what the “scholars” at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Iran Policy Committee, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and other neocon groups are saying about Iran merits attention.

In both the House and the Senate, the large majority of policymakers on both sides of the aisle back the Iran Freedom and Democracy Act, whose unstated but implicit objective is U.S.-guided regime change in Iran. Nothing wrong with freedom and democracy—Iranians themselves clearly want more of both—but lawmakers are once again setting the stage for war, just as they did in the late 1990s when they passed similar neocon-inspired bills calling for the liberation of Iran.

Today, the gathering War Party on Iran is discussing a two-pronged strategy—having the United States and Israel begin preparations for military strikes, while at the same time immediately putting into motion a destabilization strategy involving U.S. support for Iranian dissidents.

Back in the 1980s, the neoconservatives who helped guide the rollback policies of the Reagan presidency didn't use the term “regime change.” But the policies they helped put in place—democratization aid to U.S. allies and covert support for “freedom fighters” in Central America, Afghanistan, and Angola—are playing out again in the war on terror. The neocons and hawks are again playing what proved to be a successful strategy.
More alarming still is the easy talk circulating in Washington of missile strikes, bombing, and an expanded U.S. military presence in the Middle East. ...



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I came across your blog via a lesbian online friend. I am in the UK and I just want to congratulate you on having the balls to so clearly document what is going on in this so called "War on Terror". Kudos to you and keep on blogging. I have bookmarked your page and will be following it closely. Thanks

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