Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No Taksie Backsie

As usual, Mollie Ivins nails this sordid lot of corporate WASP criminals:

Does the World See Bush As a Moron?

By Molly Ivins, AlterNet. Posted June 15, 2006.

Do you suppose the rest of the world just assumes George W. Bush is a moron when he goes overseas?

Years ago, Mrs. T. Cullen Davis, of tacky Texas murder trial fame, said as her husband tried to grab a fabulous necklace he gave her, "This ain't no takesie-backsie." (You may now take a deep breath while considering the depth of that comment.)

I feel that Iraq is also a "no takesie-backsie." It is a putrid human, social and political disaster, and getting worse, not better. The people who got us into this should not be forgiven - - they should not even get a "bounce" from it. There is only one thing I want from them -- to get us and our Army out of there, instead of cavalierly announcing that will be left to "future presidents."

How many billion dollars has the Iraq war supposedly cost the American tax payer? The SNL rip off of America wasn't enough - they came back for the country.

Lou Dobbs of CNN is NOT the usual Bush reporter, representing a corporate climate that was regulated and decent, he is openly calling the Bush administration the most corrupt in the history of America.

So let us arrest Bush - clearly no one else has the balls.

Let's get thousands of queens and just organize a MARCH for gawd sake...where are OUR kahoonas darling, we have been marching since before Christ, and someone needs to show these straight folks how to organize a peaceful revolution (heaven knows ours has been happening as long as I can remember).

Ah yes remember Gannon, the White House gang bang man (STUD4U), er reporter, who lobbed softball questions to "W". He disappeared right into the main stream media muck and mire covering Dubya deceit.

No wonder the Bush's need to bilk so much money from the taxpayer, I cannot imagine how many people they have to pay to keep from being prosecuted.

Business partners with the Bin Ladens, and silent partners with the Saudis, the Bush's coup, remains unprosecuted, a country held hostage by an evil, self appointed "elite", rich from the blood of the oppressed all over the world.

Indeed no taksie backsie, unless this administration is prosecuted to the hilt, the USA is lost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impeach Bush
Impeach Bush
Impeach Bush
Impeach ...... spread the word

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