Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Laws Are Useless Against Criminal Countries

It's Time to Bar Corporate Criminals from Federal Contracting

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By Charlie Cray Published October 7, 2005
Editor's note: The author published an earlier version of this article in the San Diego Tribune.
Shortly after Katrina hit, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, gave out huge no-bid contracts for post-hurricane debris removal and reconstruction: contracts guaranteeing that many of the companies now looting U.S. taxpayers in Iraq will be cleaning up from the Gulf Coast disaster. Because there was enough public outcry, FEMA pledged to a Senate Committee on October 6 that it would re-bid the contracts
(Alberto Gonzales has pulled the USA out of the Geneva convention and International Court.
Israel and the USA are rogue nations, with Israel bleating "anti-semetism" if one criticizes their fascism and the USA behaving like Nazi Germany. Illegal wars, torture, and camps all over the world holding well over 16,000 prisoners. Unhinged, unreported, illegal and unprosecuted.

Goss former head of the CIA, involved with hookers, money laundering and
gambling. Like most of Bush's appointments, this charmer is more like a mafia don than a statesman.

No one wants to talk about the Zionist fascists - Wolfowitz, Lieberman, and the lot who follow a philosophy that models Hitler's.

Fundamentalists whether they be Zionist or Christian- do not want democracy and they are BOTH harming world peace. There are terrorists of every religious ilk - not just islamists.

A typical type of value based Bush moment.

Next time a Republican mentions the word "religion, or values"...laugh him or her off the face of the earth. These crooks wouldn't know a value, or integrity if it bit them in the ass.


We owe the truth to those who go to die for Genocide George and

Deferral Dick - or we just sit back and send our kids to die based on the lies we are fed by a corrupt news media, complicit in starting an illegal, immoral war.


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