Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dictator Duo - Bush or Kim - What is the Difference?

The Propaganda President
George W. Bush does his best Kim Jong-il
By Jack Shafer

Posted Thursday, Feb. 3, 2005, at 8:58 PM ET

If "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il of North Korea and George W. Bush ever meet, I suspect the two will bond like long-lost brothers. Both men are first-born sons of powerful fathers who partied like adolescents well into their adult lives, after which they submitted to their dynastic fates as heads of state.

Both avoid critical thought, preferring to surround themselves with yes men and apply propagandistic slogans to the onrushing complexities of justice, culture, economics, and foreign policy. Bush churns out buzz phrases with the best of them: He believes in "compassionate conservatism" and fancies himself part of the "army of compassion." He's the "reformer with results" who embraces the "culture of life." He shouts his paeans to "liberty" and "freedom" (a combined 27 times during last night's State of the Union speech, according to today's Washington Post) while reducing civil liberties at home.
Stephen Colbert, satirist/comedian confronts Bush with the best satire since Lenny Bruce, with the same reception from the paid off
pimps of propaganda.

Rumsfeld - no military experience - he has never served.

Bush - dodged military service and scrubbed his AWOL record.

Cheney - deferral Dick deferred FIVE times..

In this case the root of all Neo Con evil... a man abused by Adolf Hitler, who essentially took on the philosophy of his oppressor.

His philosophy is also that of Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Wolfowitz and the other Neo Cons responsible for Iraq and the Patriot Acts.


If you want to have some fun:

Close your eyes and have a friend read out quotes from Kim and Bush leaving it for you to identify who the quote is from.
I guarantee you - it will give you pause for thought.


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