Monday, July 03, 2006

Two Criminal Governments

Geov Parrish Working For 06.30.06

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Whitewashing a criminal government US press buries Israeli kidnapping of Palestinian parliament
It's bad enough that the Israeli government went and seized as political prisoners, essentially as hostages, 87 Hamas members of the Palestine Authority (PA) parliament yesterday, including eight cabinet ministers. Once again, Israel has demonstrated its contempt for virtually every known code of conduct honored by civilized (and, usually, even by uncivilized) governments around the globe.
But what was even more appalling was the response of American media, which didn't think the kidnapping of a third of the government of a supposedly sovereign state authority was all that significant. Consider this headline and subheads from the Washington Post:

"West Bank Settler Killed / An 18-year-old Israeli settler was found executed today. Israel arrests more than 80 Hamas officials. "

Those "arrests" weren't even mentioned in reporter Scott Wilson's story until the fourth paragraph.

This cannot go on. Israel is, in essence, trying to permanently cement the existence of an apartheid state decades after the rest of the world's colonies disintegrated. Israel's occupation, too, will not last. The only question is whether the transition to a more just arrangement will be largely peaceful, as it was in South Africa, or whether it will be far more grim. Israel's kidnapping of 87 elected Palestinian leaders is an enormous step in the direction of grim. As with each of the last several years of Israeli crimes, it is a step that almost without question was taken with the foreknowledge and approval of the Bush administration.
That, rather than the death of a single Israeli citizen, is the story American media should be covering. See more in the Geov Parrish archives.

Geov Parrish is a Seattle-based columnist and reporter for Seattle Weekly, In These Times and Eat the State! He writes the daily Straight Shot for WorkingForChange. He can be reached by email at -- please indicate whether your comments may be used on WorkingForChange in an upcoming "letters" column.

It is hard to LIE this big, but ol Condi has risen to the task admirably.

Amen Brother Bush, amen to that...

Neo Con Woolsey, creepy look-alike to the hit man in "Three Days of the Condor"

Finally, if you think this guy is creepy - look who America is following right off a cliff - the crime family who funded Hitler, ignored INTEL warning of 9/11 and then imposed a police state based on that attack , profiting more than any other group in history.

Hey they don't believe in global warming, they likely do not believe in radiation either.

If Iraq is any example the depleted uranium they have used there should cause more deformities than thalidomide did in the USA under deregulated business.


It seems to me there are a few more than two criminal governments.

In Canada, a largely liberal country, our Canada Pension Plan is being used for war profiteering, while our census computer system has been contracted to Lockheed Martin, a company involved in torture, and the build of a world surveillance system that can observe everyone all the time.

Voting Liberal or Conservative makes little difference except for rhetoric, with our money being used by politicans like mafia dons running a world protection racket..that goes something like this.

First, they scare the hell out of us (9/11), and then they have the audacity to act like without them (RNC / Bush) we simply will not be protected, so we have to give up all our rights under the constitution and Big Daddy Bush will take care of us. (Kinda like Katrina protection you understand).

The negligence with which the 9/11 data was treated in terms of NOT alerting the public, is criminal. The deliberate level of negligence is captured on film with Bush being briefed about Katrina and doing nothing in reponse and previously during the 9/11 hearings when Condi Rice admitted the President's Daily Briefing of August 6,2001 was entitled "Bin Laden Plans to Attack America." Bush did ask "let the eagle soar" John Ashcroft to stay on ground, in his body, because he might be killed in a terrorist attack involving aircraft.

So how much did Bush know (about 9/11) , and when did he know it?

Why isn't the media all over the fact that Bush, Fox and Martin signed a an agreement to merge Canada, the USA and Mexico without asking the parliaments (elected representatives of the people) to vote on it?

Why isn't the media reporting the truth about Palestine, that civilians are being bombed, their homes bulldozed and that Israel is in violation of the Geneva convention and the International War Crimes laws.

Because the American government and the media are criminal, as is Israel - they cannot tell the truth to the people - because they are the evil.


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