Monday, June 26, 2006

Mulroney's Mime, Neo Con North

Stephen Harper, our great leader, with a 32% "mandate" - cannot rush quickly enough to become Brian Mulroney 2006.

A public service workers document really nails what the relationship will mean to the Canadian worker:

Mulroney-Harper alliance bad news for Canada's workers

American presidential candidate John Kerry blasts anti-labour practices in the U.S. by Quebecor World. Brian Mulroney is chairman of the board.

Ottawa - Brian Mulroney is back and it's bad news for Canadian workers.If any reminder were needed, apart from his close association with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, it came late last week with the reporting of a Mulroney-related union-busting operation in the United States.

Mulroney-Harper alliance

Mulroney has emerged as one of Harper's most important advisers in the June 28 Canadian election campaign. He is also the chairman of Quebecor World of Montreal, one of the largest commercial print media services companies anywhere. Quebecor has just been blasted by U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry for gross interference with American employees who want to join a union. (Full text below.)

"My concerns are reinforced by 41 unfair labor practice charges that have been filed with the U.S National Labor Relations Board detailing specific incidents where Quebecor's management has interfered with and intimidated workers attempting to form a union."- Senator John Kerry

The former Canadian prime minister has been keeping a low profile during the Canadian election, mainly because memories of his 1984-1993 government are still so raw in voters' minds that his influence would be a liability if citizens knew how close the two men have become. Mulroney was so despised when he left politics that his Progressive Conservative party was reduced to two seats, the most humiliating defeat ever suffered by a national ruling political party in Canada. Since then, the former prime minister has worked tirelessly to restore his tattered reputation.

Conrad Black - wanted for bilking Hollinger, on whose board sat Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle, fellow Neo Cons who like Harper, want to rule to the world - or simply change the laws to protect their carnage.

From Mulroney to Stephen Harper - the bilking and selling of Canada is nearly complete.

Heck Martin signed an agreement with Bush and Fox to merge Canada, Mexico and the USA . NONE Of the leaders consulted with their respective parliaments who hold the representatives of the people.

There is no democracy in North America - it was sold in Canada - under Mulroney. Ever since Mulroney (and Reagan in the USA) we "elect" a suit from either the Liberal or Conservative Party - either of whom report to the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission and various other corporate directed, profit driven groups.

Welcome to your new owners. You paid to train their army, and now they rule you.

Cheney moved 42 Halliburton companies offshore where they pay no tax at all yet receive directed government bids in the billions - all associated with Iraq oil.

You will of course be both Christian and heterosexual. Both are now prescribed by law.

Of course our lumbering, blue-eyed boy, will end every droning mime with instructions to God to "Bless Canada."

Gee what an exciting future.

We can, and must, all grow up to long for greed, all look alike, love the lord and of course be heterosexual.

They (on the other hand) will gay bash to distract from their war criminal behavior all over the world, and project their guilt continually on others. The pedophile ring (international) that has thrived in the background of every Republican administration - will continue - it is business honey.

Welcome to Canada, let us hold the door open...want our cash, our census system, our country... anything that defines us as Canadian. How about our children. Oh that explains the dumbing down of schools, the lack of funding.


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