Friday, June 23, 2006

Karl Rove - Puerile Pimp of Paid Off Propaganda

Karl Rove is a liar

In attacking liberals' reaction to Sept. 11, Bush's senior advisor once again resorts to McCarthy-style tactics.

By Joe Conason
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June 24, 2005

Karl Rove is a liar and a scoundrel. He is not a patriot but a pure partisan, as his own record proved long before now.

The other night Rove lied about the liberal reaction to the Sept. 11 attacks and again exploited patriotism for narrow partisan advantage in a time of war. He seeks to divert public opinion from the failures of the Bush administration by suppressing dissent, stigmatizing "liberals" and returning to the same old tactics that the Republican far right has used ever since the McCarthy era.

His unhinged rhetoric is a sign of deep worry within the White House, of course, as polls continue to show deepening public alienation from the president and growing skepticism about the war in Iraq. Most Americans now understand that they have been deceived about the war from the beginning, and most doubt the Bush administration's strategy for extricating our troops. Moreover, Rove must cope with Republicans as well as Democrats who are openly dissenting from the administration line, not only regarding Iraq but on the Bolton nomination and Social Security privatization.

In spite of a mound of evidence to the contrary, this lying, cynical, little man is once again let off the hook. Once again, free to terrorize and smear our community, women, people of color and anyone who disagrees with the criminal corporate coup in office.

He is referred to as "Bush's brain."

(I think George shoulda made the trip to Oz).

What this cretin thinks of the majority of the world. while we shake our heads in wonder that he is not in jail.
Ah but even if ol Karl was indicted can bet the criminal corporate syndicate would have him pardoned.

Karl is fond of bumper stickers smearing our community I thought I would provide one for Karl - a factual one.

Karl Rove - Puerile Pimp of Paid Off Propaganda