Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Osama Bin Laden - Mission Accomplished

Working for Change has an article today that points out a fact so profound it could have, and with a responsible press, would have stopped the war in Iraq altogether.

Osama's Mission Accomplished

On Thursday, May 1, 2003, President Bush landed on the deck of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. Forgetting to undo the parachute clips around his gonads, our President walked bowlegged on the ship's deck in a green jumpsuit looking astonishingly like Ham, first chimp in space. The scene was so exciting that the media failed to notice that the War on Terror had ended on the previous Tuesday.

On that day, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld quietly acknowledged that he was withdrawing America's armed forces from Saudi Arabia.

I'm always surprised at the debate over "What drives Osama? What does Al-Qaeda want?" There should be no confusion: Al-Qaeda states its mission, like most enterprises, on its Web site. Osama had it written out in English, in capital letters, so it wouldn't be difficult to miss the point.


The "two holy places" are Mecca and Medina, and their "land" is Saudi Arabia. That's what Osama wanted: U.S. troops out of Saudi Arabia.

While the CIA has been involved promoting fundamentalist religion all over the world.
Funding Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban in the promotion of fundamentalist doctrine the Christian Coalition pumped ten million dollars into Charles Taylor's campaign "because he is Christian." (Taylor is now on trial for war crimes and has connections to Al Qaeda.

The Tony Soprano-placed-presidency inflicting the religion of gangsters on the world, through a brainwashed populace and absent press core.

Their motto "From chaos comes order" ...meaning when you have killed enough people off in the world for the "elite" (self annointed people with money) to grovel in greed - they are done.

So keep sitting back thinking they won't do anything worse but at least look at what they have done so far.

Bin Laden issued his demand on August 23, 1996; and on April 29, 2003, the Tuesday before the President was chauffeured by fighter jet onto the deck of the Abe Lincoln, Mr. Bush gave bin Laden exactly what he wanted: U.S. troops sent packing from the Land of the Holy Places.
Given the ongoing business relationship with the Saudis, the hushed up departure of over 140 Saudis, refusing to allow their names to be compared to terror watch lists, following 9/11,
one can readily say that unless this administration is prosecuted- the entire structure of law within the USA and world proper is threatened.

They have taken themselves out of the Geneva convention (so they could behave like terrorists with impunity) and the International Court where they are wanted for murder, and genocide committed over 53 years with terrorists trained on American soil at the School of Americas
(whose name they changed rather than shutting it down).

Bush has gutted the constitution removing any semblance of democracy from the country, with him as the exalted dictator and congress a seeming wart on the ass of fascism. Congress, on the other hand, is a group of paid off pimps, selling their souls to anyone with the highest bid. Texas was totally gerrymandered for the past election, and the Diebold machines still do not have paper trails for the upcoming election.

Sixteen of Nineteen attackers (WTC) were Saudis, and 140 Saudis were aided and abetted in escaping the country within 48 hours of the attack. The Rand Corporation declared Saudi Arabia the top terrorist country in the world. The Bush response - have Bandar to the ranch to grovel and bury the report.

So given they completed the task for Osama Bin Laden before going into Iraq, I guess we should just ask Osama where they are going next. George doesn't seem to be doing anything for America, or the American people but he sure has delivered for Osama Bin Laden.