Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bilderberg Boys Plot in Ottawa

1. 8-11th June Ottawa 2006:

Bilderberg 2006 and the Killers of Freedom Venezuela and Iran, two great global ‘problems’ which, backed by most of the private money in the world, Bilderbergers will attempt to ‘solve’ in Ottawa next month. (like now)

Henry Kissinger and his co-conspirators edge closer every year to their goal of stopping ANY coverage of what is plainly the most powerful political and economic congress in the world. What BBC online called ‘The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory’. Those who enquire about Bilderberg’s power are expected to wait with baited breath for an incomplete list of participants, delivered as the last luminary’s car leaves the hotel. I know embarrassingly powerful people are removed because I spoke to the woman who served Tony Blair his breakfast at Turnberry in 1998. He was not on that year’s list. I suppose Kissinger and friends get some kind of cheap ‘kick’ smuggling their superstars in and out.

Bilderberg 2006 news

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Eliot Abrams - long time Neo Con

Friday, June 9th, 2006

Campaigners across the political spectrum are massing against plans to introduce “congestion charging” on the World Wide Web, which they say could kill the spirit of the internet.

An army of bloggers has been joined by celebrities including the singer Moby and the founders of Google and Microsoft to fight a decision in the US House of Representatives that allows telecoms companies to charge popular websites for priority access to the Web.

A law that would have enshrined the neutrality of the Net was voted down by congressmen late on Thursday.

Telecom and cable companies are in effect being allowed to erect toll booths along the information superhighway - and individuals who post their own videos or blogs online could find their websites confined to the internet’s B-roads or even blocked altogether.

The message is this: We see you Bilderbergs, and so do our Canadian TV channels and newspapers. Meet in Ottawa, by all means, but hold a press conference and release your agenda. In the meantime I am just going to "let this little light of mine" - shine on your group -
and pass every shred of information I find about your group far and wide.

If you are the elite who would rule us - you are about to be called to account (a novelty I know).

The fact is there are waaay more of us than there are of you, and like Gandhi, we will hold you accountable before God.


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