Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dick and Dubya Part of the Duke and Dusty Oil Slick?

Would it matter if we had them under oath?
They lie so often I think they have become so delusional they have started to believe their own spin.

Fascinating article on how quickly the sex scandal associated with the Porter Goss resignation is spreading toward Bush and Cheney.


Sex scandal returned to the White House yesterday, with the sudden and immediate resignation of Porter Goss as CIA Director. The resignation appears to be connected to a growing scandal involving a criminal investigation into wild parties for members of Congress involving poker and prostitutes. They’re calling the scandal Hookergate. Now, as the blog Imprison Bush points out, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney may well be called upon to testify under oath about what they knew about Porter Goss’s alleged involvement with bribery and prostitution - when they brought Goss into the White House as CIA Director and when he resigned yesterday. Executive privilege can’t cover up this one.

Let's let George speak for himself.

Boy don't Rummie and ol Condi look happy... wow.

The President's hooker, who received a press pass to lob soft ball questions, a copy of a confidential CIA memo releasing the name of Valerie Plame, and seeming carte blanche to the White House where he stayed overnight on numerous occasions. The absence of the US press core on this one makes you wonder who is in this guy's little black book.

Oh no need to suspend them the religious right owned the voting machines (Diebold) and fixed the election.

While a congress continues to sit idle, watching treason destroy the nation.

Duke Cunningham (from the link referenced above)

The apparent expansion of the Hookergate inquiry to as-of-yesterday-former CIA Director Porter Goss has implications for the movement to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Goss was, until less than a year and half ago, a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives with strong ties to lobbyists who have said that they supplied convicted corrupt Congressman Randy Cunningham, and other lawmakers with prostitutes in exchange for legislative favors.

The alleged offer of prostitutes as bribes occurred before George W. Bush recruited Porter Goss as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Prosecutors will naturally want to know whether Porter Goss revealed any improper involvement with lobbyists or prostitutes to White House officials, including George W. Bush. The sudden resignation of Porter Goss should also draw the attention of investigators. Goss resigned effective immediately without any replacement being named, which is an unusual move for such high officials. Goss was in such a rush that he failed to attend a key afternoon meeting without telling anyone why. Investigators should be asking President Bush and Vice President Cheney if Goss told them of the reason for his resignation, and if the reason was involvement with prostitutes in exchange for key votes in Congress.

I guess Porter Goss was cleared by the same INTEL expert who gave Jeff Gannon his White House press pass. Seems to me this leaky White House ship full of hookers wandering about at all hours, is much more of a concern than the average American Bush wants to spy on.

I have every confidence the oil slick will reach this sorry lot - the question is:

Who in the land of the free and home of the brave has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these bullies, call them what they are, arrest them, and start dealing with the fall out all over the world?