Thursday, May 11, 2006

American War Criminals MUST Be Prosecuted

The control of these images has been micromanaged so the American public has seen only the tip of the mountain of slime.

This treatment was authorized by Rumsfeld (in writing) with Bush's knowledge. There is no command stopping this treatment. IMAGINE (it takes some empathy in this case) are wakened from your bed, in your country, at 2 AM, get a bit pushy because it is afterall your house, and your wife looks frightened, the children are crying.

Now you are in a cell ...and it is 2 AM once again... only this time the Americans are "softening you up for interrogation" (the real tough stuff) ...and you are just a citizen of Iraq who was minding his own damn business. THIS Is why America is hated, ...this is going on all over the world while Americans are sold a propagandized pablum that places a mask of decency on death and deceit, in other words - treason.

Bob Fitrakis

Again, why George W. Bush must be tried as a war criminal April 20, 2004

The new revelations in Bob Woodward’s book, Plan of Attack, provide further evidence to convict President George W. Bush of war crimes. As one of the 49 original signers of the UN Charter, the United States committed itself to the ideals and practices of the norms of international law. Only two U.S. senators voted against the treaty, which includes Article 2(4) that specifically prohibits “…the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state….” In a September 23, 2003 speech to the United Nations, President Bush noted that both the UN Charter and American founding documents “recognize a moral law that stands above men and nations, which must be defended and enforced by men and nations.” Following World War II, just such action was taken at the Nuremberg trials and American, British, French and Soviet jurists established Article VI of the Nuremberg Charter, which legally defines “Crimes Against Peace.”

The media have so masked the crimes of the Bush family, the GOP and this administration that they must be complicit in treason. The Nuremberg trials (Nazi Germany) tried Goebbels - who is often compared to Karl Rove, they tried him for the promotion of the BIG LIE.

Do you really want to honor these souls? THEN SEE and TELL the TRUTH and quit sending them to die for greed.

Real-world wisdom from outside the beltway

"President Bush did not ask Congress to include provisions for the N.S.A. domestic surveillance program as part of the Patriot Act and has not sought any other laws to authorize the operation." Why? Not because the White House thought a domestic surveillance operation was legal. But because "the proposal would be certain to face intense opposition on civil liberties grounds." They knew it wasn't legal, and they knew it wouldn't be made legal by Congress, but they went ahead and did it anyway. And yet as if playing a role in an Orwell novel, the media is still using terms that imply the President had every legal right to do it in the first place.
Sadly, other major media seem to be parroting this nonsense. The Associated Press, for example, reports that "President Bush said Saturday he has no intention of stopping his personal authorizations of a post-Sept. 11 secret eavesdropping program in the U.S." That's right: "his personal authorizations," as if he can just go around "authorizing" whatever he wants without regard to the fact that such powers are not his to authorize.

But then, we've seen this before. In a famous 1977 interview, Richard Nixon said "When the president does it that means that it is not illegal." At that time, we were lucky Nixon was long out of office and thus unable to turn that contempt for the law into presidential directives. Today, it is different - we clearly have a president with the same attitude, but a president who is still very much in a position to forge that attitude into government policy. And most disturbing of all, we have a media that, because of protive motives and fear of power, are more than happy to help that president publicly justify his disregard for the rule of law.
UPDATE: Matt Singer has more on the media's complicity.

The war in Iraq went forward because Pat Roberts leaked INTEL that thwarted CIA apprenhension of Saddam Hussein!

HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE (let's start a list)

...three years ago on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, Roberts himself was involved in disclosing sensitive intelligence information that, according to four former senior intelligence officers, impaired efforts to capture Saddam Hussein and potentially threatened the lives of Iraqis who were spying for the United States.

On March 20, 2003, at the onset of military hostilities between U.S. and Iraqi forces, Roberts said in a speech to the National Newspaper Association that he had "been in touch with our intelligence community" and that the CIA had informed President Bush and the National Security Council "of intelligence information from what we call human intelligence that indicated the location of Saddam Hussein and his leadership in a bunker in the suburbs of Baghdad."

Bush and thug lawyer Guido Gonzales have extracted the USA from Intl Court and the Geneva convention (if you plan to break the law you might as well break the contract right up front eh).
Sooo, it leaves it to us to bring these horrid little men to justice.

Bringing the entire Bush family to justice would be a great start toward ending thirty years of treason and trading with the enemy. Perhaps Kennebunkport could be a holocuast museum to the millions who died for the Bush barbarians.


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