Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"W" is for Whack Job

Chris Mathews MSNBC GOP softball hack put the "s" in suck up during the sickening interview he had with this felon. He went on to insult the majority of the nation calling anyone who did not like Bush, "a whack job"

Why don't we all get t shirts that say "whack job," we can wear them as we march, millions strong on congress and the White House - holding those whacky weapons - candles - shedding light on the heart of darkness that has befallen the world. We're whack jobs all right Chris Mathews and we see right through your paid off propagandized pap.

Salon excerpt:

It's like Chris Matthews said: Only the "real whack jobs" dislike Bush

A month into Josh Bolten's tenure as White House chief of staff -- and less than six months before midterm elections -- the president's poll numbers have just taken another dive. Mirroring a Gallup poll released earlier this week, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll has George W. Bush's approval rating dropping two points to 31 percent. Put another way -- yes, 6 percent of the public is still undecided about the president -- 63 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Bush is doing his job.

And that, relatively speaking, is the good news. Only 29 percent of respondents approve of the way Bush is handling Iraq; 28 percent approve of the way he's handling the economy; 27 percent approve of the way he's handling healthcare; 26 percent approve of the way he's handling immigration; and just 13 percent approve of the way he's handling high gasoline prices.
Thirteen percent? That's a really low number, but it's not the lowest polling result we've ever seen: In a 2002 Roper poll, 12 percent of Americans said that they or someone they know has had an up-close encounter with a UFO.

Need more polling perspective? The Times says that only two presidents in modern history -- Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon -- have had lower overall approval ratings than Bush is sporting now.

Will Bush's numbers mean anything to Democrats in November? There's some reason to think so. According to the new poll, 55 percent of Americans now have a favorable view of Democrats, while 57 percent have an unfavorable view of Republicans.
-- Tim

As a lesbian, as a person intimate with how our people have been treated by these monsters throughout history, while their own history of funding fascism, terror and general interference in other countries throughout the world goes unabated, I will not remain silent.

These monsters are torturing and it is systemic. If they treat others this way they will treat YOU this way - it is only a matter of time until you disagree with them. If you want to stop WORLD genocide then stand NOW - because this group is the heart of darkness.

Three million slaughtered in Viet Nam - the illegal war that preceded this illegal war.

There is no democracy in the USA, the people are brainwashed to believe they are free while they blindly send their children to die for empty men in suits who care only about money and power.

Yes and because the laws seemingly do not apply to Fuhrer Bush you can bet he and his newly appointed Hadley, who helped set up the illegal NSA spying on American citizens...
will be expediting development of the camps Ashcroft started all across America.

Heil to the Chief (gee they only need to add a Seig)

I am off to design a T shirt !


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