Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Canadian Census Contracted to US Military Industrial Complex

Canada has been sold to the American industrial complex.

Lockheed Martin will complete the next Census from Canada, placing all the information they collect under the USA Patriot Act.

A census, we are required by law to complete is contracted to the American military industrial complex - now that seems to me something that should stay in Canada.

Patriot Act One in timing, intent and content is clearly taken from Hitler's Enabling Act, which was quickly instituted after the Reichstag Fire (long suspected to have been set by the SS).

Patriot Act Two takes in the Nuremberg Laws which beefed up Hitler's power and further restricted citizens rights.

Stephen Harper implementing Mulroney style politics in Quebec.

Frankly I am amazed that this story of the selling of our census is not front and center in parliament everyday. It is horrible.


Canada's Census outsourced to Lockheed Martin

by Connie Fogal

April 10, 2006
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As a result of the North American Task Force comprised of the leading CEO's of the most powerful corporations in North America, businessmen, officials and academics, the prerogative right of the 21st century "kings" is becoming entrenched.

As a result of NAFTA, the creation of the hardware and software for the Canadian census is contracted to the Canadian subsidiary of the US armament company Lockheed Martin. (Lockheed Martin (Canada) inherits technology from the US Parent, Lockheed Martin, who first developed census software for the 2000 U.S. Census.)

As a result of the USA Patriot Act and the USA Homeland Security Act, all US companies and their subsidiaries wherever they are located are required on demand (on pain of heavy penalty for refusal), to release to the US Homeland Security all data held. No foreign law (i.e., Canadian) overrides the application of the USA statutes in the USA.

The long arm of the USA reaches into Canada to rule US companies and subsidiaries under their Patriot Act, just as that arm did/does under the U.S. Helms Burton law. Helms Burton law severely penalizes any US company or subsidiary dealing with CUBA, as well as any foreign company dealing with CUBA who wishes to deal with the USA.
The US Patriot Act requires that the company shall not disclose that the demand and the release of information has occurred. So you will never know whether or not your personal data has gone to Uncle Sam's Homeland Security.

Stats Canada insists that the U.S. Patriot Act will not affect our data saying that the Lockheed Martin subsidiary only has the contract to create the software and hardware. Anyone with some computer technical skills will confirm that any designer of software or hardware can create the system in such a way that Stats Can using the software and hardware would not even know the data was being harvested.
The issue here is not who is right about whether or not the USA will be able to harvest our data. The issue is why are we in such a pickle at all!
The reasons are multiple:

1. NAFTA which forbids preferential treatment to truly Canadian companies or Canadian workers.

2. The Smart Border Plan between the USA and Canada signed by John Manley December 2001 as Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Tom Ridge, the U.S. Homeland Security Director which requires the sharing of citizen data, meaning the US Homeland Security gets what it wants to know about Canadians. The terms of this agreement are being implemented incrementally but quickly without the knowledge or consent of Canadians. It is not just covert sharing that is to happen, but overt as well. Start with the stealth and then whammy with the fait accompli.(John Manley currently is a leading light in the North American Task Force of CEO's commanding the creation of the North American Union.) Our census data will be shared one way or the other so long as this agenda is permitted.

3. The Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement signed by Martin (Canada), Bush (US) and Fox (Mexico) in March 2005 confirmed by Harper, Bush, and Fox in March 2006.By this agreement the three leaders agreed to implement the grand design of the most influential corporations of North America to create a common unit of North America sharing data and merging the three countries into one union without an overall democratically accountable representative political structure. They agreed to expand the Smart Border Plan melding the three countries into one corporate/ military union, focusing initially on Canada /US unity. This means changing Canadian laws and legal structures to mimic those created by the US Congress removing civil liberties (like the security of our census information.)

The integration is proceeding in Canada by subtle but massive bureaucratic restructuring of our skin and skeleton, fleshed out by the dismantling of our constitutional rights without due process and by deceit. David Emerson has crossed to the Conservatives to continue that restructuring that he was spearheading under the Liberals. Take note of recently changed names of government agencies that reflect this transformation.

4. The overweaning power and influence of the giant corporations located in North America.

5. The overweaning power of the Prime Minister, his office and his bureaucracy which runs the government, is implementing this transformation, and is stealing from us our country, our prosperity and our security.

6. The excessive number of elected and unelected officials whose first loyalty is to the interests of their own giant corporations.

7. The will, determination, and/ or acquiescence of the politicians of all parties in leadership roles in our Canadian Parliament to facilitate the creation of a North American Union rather than to serve and protect Canadians.

8. The total failure of the Canadian Parliamentary system to be able to serve the will and needs and security of its citizens or to protect and preserve Canadian sovereignty.

The scenario is depressing. Each of us can easily feel totally powerless. But we are not.

Confronting this census is a something that each of us can do.And it matters. And it can even be old fashioned Canadian fun. See

This text is an abridged version of a Memo from Connie Fogal, leader, Canadian Action Party


Please pass this on - it seems the only way real news is distributed these days.


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