Friday, May 19, 2006

Canada Cozies Up to Torture

While we sit like deaf mutes this mutilation of another human being is STILL going on.

Canada has contracted part of the Canadian census system to Lockheed Martin, a US military industrial contractor involved in torture - worldwide.

Anyone who has worked in manufacturing computers and software knows how easy it is for the manufacturer to have a backdoor to the system. Given Lockheed's involvement in torture it is criminal that this work has been contracted to a US firm.

Lynn Cheney sat on the board of Lockheed for 16 years while hubby was involved in various administrations directing contract after contract to Lockheed. Always a war when a Cheney or a Rumsfeld is around... always.

Our kids are dying to protect the Bush drug empire and the largest poppy crop in Afghanistan's history. While we are persecuted at home for any drugs like pot in competition to the CIA drug racket. Wake UP. Run some searches on the internet under "CIA drug traffic - Bush" and see what comes up.

The president of the USA (some question that) ordered ILLEGAL wiretaps on his own people

OUR government has contracted our census system to a military industrial contractor involved in torture.

THAT is a reprehensible - what is even worse it that this is not prime time news - NOW.


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