Monday, April 17, 2006

The Protection Racket, Inc.

I had a dream about a month after 9/11 ... I saw Bush dressed up in an Eisenhower jacket addressing the military in long, repetitive tirades played verbatim on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and of course FOX.

The gist of this propagandized pap was always how ("I")
(mr. bush himself) would "hunt em down, smoke em out and bring them to jus-tice." (Psst where is Bin Laden..waiting in the wings for an October wag the dog special?)

Sometimes ya gotta wonder who is calling the shots eh?

The worse it is for America and the people - the more Bush is for it.

Naw the protection racket rolls on:

Ellen Goodman Washington Post Writers Group04.14.06

Protection Racket, Inc.Manufacturing fear for the masses

BOSTON -- For those who have ever wondered when a promise of protection becomes a protection racket, this is your moment.
We now have the forced admission that in 2003 George W. Bush himself approved the leaking of classified intelligence gathered before the Iraq War. He didn't let it all leak out. He authorized a trickle of information buttressing his case that Saddam Hussein had been a nuclear threat, information that had already been discredited.
After manipulating this faucet of fear, the president then defended the war in the name of national security, casting himself as the country's father-protector. In short, he sold himself as the person we needed to protect us from the fear he provoked. Welcome to the protection racket.

And lest you forget, his re-election campaign was run by the same racketeers. George W. was transformed from a conservative who was compassionate to a commander in chief who was unflappable. John Kerry was accused of the unmanly crime of nuance and caricatured as flip-floppable. We were subjected to an endless strongman debate with Arnold Schwarzenegger leading the attack on “girlie men.” ...

Thugs in suits, the Bush family trades with the enemy and creates fear, division and havoc from which they then insist they can protect you.

Prescott Bush - Hitler's Angel

Tom DeLay / Jack Abramoff are indicted in a case involving the mafia, money laundering, gerry mandering Texas, murder and casino corruption. From,

A stock figure of the election cycle was the soccer mom transformed into the security mom. This was the woman scared right -- into the arms of the president. In this favorite story line, women who mock husbands who don't ask for directions fall for the politician who insists that he knows where he's going.
The security mom was something of a cartoon figure and the balloon over her head now reads: “What was I thinking?”

... others might remember Chris Mathews referring to the GOP as the Daddy party.

Such a deal, 9/11 remains UNinvestigated, and much of the evidence of the president aiding and abetting the departure of over 300 Saudis is restricted from public access. Yet Bush is protecting America and fighting a war in Iraq "so you don't have to fight it in America."

Oh it IS a racket all right, and there is little in the way of protection in involved...but a whole lot of pain and payment by the people, of the people for the Bushes.


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