Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blah Blah Bush Still Bombing In Polls

As the funding of Charles Taylor ($10 Million dollars) leaks to the populace at large and the religious rite is exposed for the money laundry it is - Bush numbers continue to plummet.

300 Saudis aided in escape from the country within 48 hours of 9/11. When congress asked for the flight lists - Bush had them classified.

FINALLY people are starting to see the real person.

Mother Earth and Father Sky whom we hold as our true parents and divinity - please make it so. May the divine craving for good in the universe hold this intention until it is fulfilled.

Like a man on a treadmill, ...

Since Bush began a round of Iraq speeches last fall, approval for his handling of Iraq has remained stuck, with about a third of the nation approving what he's doing.

Shortly before the speeches began in late September, 32% of Americans approved of Bush's handling of Iraq, according to a Sept. 16-18 USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll.

The rating inched up as high as 39% in the ensuing months, but the latest poll, taken April 7-9, showed that approval had dropped back to 32%.


The only place Bush is bombing worse than Iraq is at home in the polls, where the facts of his farcical adminstration are overwhelming the spin of his cynical cabal.


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