Wednesday, April 12, 2006

USA - Stone Cold Psycho

On two occasions Colin Powell lied to the UN.

The first invasion of Iraq, he told the world that Saddam had tanks lined up on the Kuwaiti border. This turned out to be bogus evidence when satellite imagery exposed the fact that no tanks were there and the UN went to war with Iraq under false pretenses.

Which was why, this time, the UN asked for EVIDENCE, which the USA fabricated.

Powell is lauded for "just following orders." Frankly that gives me the creeps because he clearly is not loyal to the country only whomever the mafia boss is in office.

Of course the "Supreme" Court, has a host of characters that would place a president over the democratic process.

Can we RECALL every appointment made by the Bush crime family?

While this collective of psychopaths steers the world ever closer to complete global dominance by organized crime.

Heck Condi doesn't care as long as she is reflecting Bush.

The WORLD has published, a detailed MOUNTAIN of proof that Bush, Cheney were complicit in 9/11.

Greg Palast has shown in detail how the elections were manipulated to create a Bush victory.

From "The United States is a Psychopath"

This article has some good linkage to other supporting sites.
..The United States has always been involved in attacking sovereign countries. Iraq is novel only in the fact that it was done out in the open, in blatant contravention of international law (rather than covert contravention of international law). Americans, in particular, the CIA and the Pentagon, have always been involved in torture.

The School of the Americas is, amongst other things, a school for torture (and see also here and here). The only difference between the Bush Administration and other previous administrations, including those with Democrat Presidents, is that the Bush Administration is proud of what it is doing, and no longer attempts to hide it (plus we have photos).

Americans are like the racist suburbanite who doesn't want 'those people' living in his neighborhood, but finds the Ku Klux Klan offensive. It's not the racism, its the in-your-face celebration of racism that is the problem. Similarly, its not the torture, its the pleasure that officials like Rice and Cheney seem to have in advocating it.


Most Americans support the use of torture, they just don't like to be reminded of it. The lowest point in the short history of the American Empire has to be Rice going to Europe and insisting that the Americans won't put up with Europeans applying their own laws against torture (not that the United States would do such a thing, wink, wink).

To show you how bad things are, read Juan Cole justifying the bombing of Iraqi civilians (and let's not fool ourselves, any aerial bombardment of Iraq is essentially the bombing of civilians, especially when the insurgents get control of the Iraqi spotters and increase the power of the insurgency by having the Americans commit more and more atrocities) on the justification, if you can believe it, that Americans need cheap oil so that poor Americans not suffer under high gas prices (a lefty version of the trickle-down theory, justifying the unjustifiable because the American poor might get some scraps out of it!), and Juan Cole whitewashing the white phosphorus scandal on the grounds, if you can believe it, that the American soldiers would not do such a thing (!). Cole, who is really just a warblogger with an IQ over 100, called people who disagreed with his writings the 'looney left' (although he has since backed down). And Cole is an American liberal! The conservatives have the same views, but don't bother with the contorted justifications.
Here's a quiz: what's the difference between these three sentences:
I had to shoot the bank guard because I needed the money for drugs.
I had to defraud the shareholders because I needed the money to maintain my expensive lifestyle.
I had to attack a sovereign country that posed no threat to me, and use chemical weapons and bombs on civilians, because I needed the oil.Answer: It's a trick question. There is no difference. All are the statements of psychopaths who literally see no concern in harming others as long as their gratifications are met. The United States, as a country, is a psychopath, and has been since the end of the Second World War. You can see the psychopathic way in thinking in all the convoluted distinctions between 'torture' (which we would never do), and 'inhumane treatment' (which is just fine). Americans are preoccupied with not leaving physical marks (photos are bad too). If you can't catch me, I didn't do it. Stone-cold psycho.


The leadership of the country is stone cold psycho along with the planning element, leaving it to the people to restore the country. When the people realize they CAN unite across party lines, and sexuality by our common belief in human decency, kindness and the good in human kind, we will shut these monsters down.

Until that time we will continue to have leaders appointed by corporate coup, with a mandate set in secret by a group of rich people who think they have the right to commit treason, and do so unscathed.

Americans might want to start with a class action suit against the US TV news media for their complicit behavior in promoting the propaganda of a criminal corporate government.

YOU can make a difference. Refuse to swallow the surface spin of treason and expose these stone cold psychos. The Declaration of Independence expected just this sort of thing and even lays out what to do about it. You will have the spirit of every author of the declaration with you - everytime you stand.

God speed dear soul, God speed, the world is crying for your voice.


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