Monday, April 10, 2006

October Surprise ?

Gee are they out to disenfranchise the Eastern seaboard? It was so successful in New Orleans

HAARP - New World Order Mind Control and Weather Warfare Weapon

United States Secretary of Defense William Cohen apparently stated in a press briefing, while commenting on new technological threats possibly held by terrorist organizations: "Others are engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, (and) volcanoes remotely, using the use of electromagnetic waves."

Dr Begich's news release adds: "While the Secretary of Defense suggests this capability might be possessed by terrorist organizations, the U.S. military continues to deny that they also control such technology." -Dr. Nick Begich "Our school system increasingly teaches our children how to memorize data and totally ignores teaching them how to think, or analyze, for themselves! This is totally planned as a part of the New World Order. Mark and I have been told by many people that our book, which speaks out about mind-control, offers a thread in tying things together. All of a sudden the New World Order has meaning; the erosion of constitutional values and morality in this country begins to make sense when the concept of mind-control is introduced into the picture." - Cathy O'Brien and Mark Philips authors of the book "TRANCE Formation of America"

Where is the John Kerry who asked this question upon his return from Viet Nam?

Nelson Mandala warned us about the Bush Cabal.

He was incarcerated by a vicious, brutal regime who tortured and abused him for over twenty years. DICK Cheney voted AGAINST Mandela's release.

Excerpt: (from link above)

In the years since the EIS process was completed, several groups and individuals have raised questions concerning the uses to which HAARP will be put and the likely effects flowing from those uses. Some of these assertions are set forth in a book, published in 1995, called Angels Don't Play This HAARP. Manning, Begich, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, Earthpulse Press (1995).1 In this book, the authors set forth a detailed and fully-referenced description of HAARP and its potential uses and effects. During the course of their research for the book, the authors found that, rather than the innocuous project described by the Air Force, HAARP represents a technology which could lead to a new class of weapons that could change our world profoundly - an all-purpose military tool. If misused, the tool could mess up the weather. It could be used against humanity in a way that would change what people think, believe and feel. . . . [HAARP could]:

manipulate global weather;
hurt ecosystems;
knock out electronic communications; or
change our moods and mental states.

A detailed recitation in this discussion of the assertions and facts contained in Angels Don't Play This HAARP would serve no useful purpose; the book stands on its own as a question mark affixed to the Air Force's contrary description of the uses and effects of HAARP.2 As set out below, this request is based upon questions and concerns about HAARP raised by facts surrounding both the Air Force's current intended uses for the project and scientific evidence raising questions about HAARP's effects.


From 9/11 to Katrina the Bush "emergency response" has been at best, a joke. He clearly knew BOTH events were going to happen. The Presidents Daily Briefing in August of 2001 told him that Osama Bin Laden was going to attack, likely using planes. He told Ashcroft to quit flying.

We have him on camera receiving his Katrina briefing so he clearly knew and didn't give a rip, and finally we have him identified as the LEAKER after spending MONTHS interviewing people and listening to pious, pinched comments from this phoney president stating he would FIRE anyone associated with a leak. RESIGN then mr. bush...your credibility is in the minus quantities and the only final destination for you and your cabal should be GITMO.

While we all sit around and speculate as to what the entitled evil in the White House will do next.

Will they orchestrate a terror attack against Canada, that would allow Baby Bush (Stephen Harper) to declare martial law and impose his 34% of the population mandate.

Who knows - they are above the law, unchecked, unbalanced and unreported.


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