Sunday, March 26, 2006

Who ARE the Activist Judges, Really

Antonin Scalia, has not recused himself from making decisions regarding Bush OR Cheney in spite of direct connections to the Bush campaign through his son, and an ongoing relationship with Cheney.

Hell, he even went duck hunting with Cheney WHILE considering the case as to whether or not the PEOPLE had the right to know what companies sat at the table deciding how and when to invade Iraq.

Activist Nazi judge number 1 (now that Rehnquist the Reptilian has passed on)

Heck the Bilderbergs just place their president and if that doesn't work they have the Supreme Court place HIM.

Yup this sorry lot of "human" beings decided THEY had the right to decide the election that placed this criminal lot.

While a decidedly cowardly congress does not even call for censure.

Gee even the head of the largest pedophile ring in the world (over 3000 outstanding pedophile cases under prosecution) found Bush
a war criminal.

However, the Pope was just another gutless judge who if he had the real concern of the Iraqis at heart, would have gone to Iraq and stayed there to prevent the bombing (shock and awe terror performed before the world).

The activist judges are the Nazis on the bench of the Supreme Court who are in the pocket of the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission and the CFR. They like this criminal administration should be tried for treason.


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