Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Timeline to Treason - Franklingate to Plamegate

There are really TWO Franklingates, the first dates back to the Reagan / Bush administration when the Washington Times broke the story of a homosexual call boy ring that went all the way to the White House ensnaring (according to the article) VIPS directly connected with both Reagan and Bush.
More recently,

Franklin regularly was a Feith's office (Office of Special Plans) attended by Rhode, Luti, Shulsky, Perle and Wolfowitz Global Research

1983 Rumsfeld, private citizen, met SH, delivered Reagan's personal support message, discussed oil pipeline venture, Bechtel Group, Dishonor Role Corporations doing business with Sadam Hussein.

2001 Franklin became a fixture at regular "brown bag lunches" at the private office of Doug Feith attended by leading Pentagon neo-cons, including Rhode, Luti, Shulsky, Perle, and Wolfowitz (NESA) Luti boasted frequently that he was working for "Scooter," a reference to Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby. (Libby, when he was not working for the government, was the personal attorney Marc Rich. Welch Report

1980's Early corruption: Both BCCI and Saudi Arabia's Mahfouz have historical connections the the Bush family, also InterMaritime Bank, bailed out Harken Energy in 1987 with $25 million. Harken Energy then got a no-bid oil lease in 1991, George W. Bush promptly sold his shares and made a small fortune....Brewster Jennings & Associates (Plame) will uncover Bush connections to build up of Iraq War ... will this lead to Plame's outing? and see Wayne Madsen Report and The Randi Rhodes Show

Jul 1982 Steven Rosen (Wikipedia) was employed as the Director of Foreign Policy Issues for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Indictment

Sept 21, 2001 National Journal "Ten days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President Bush was told in a highly classified briefing that the U.S. intelligence community had no evidence linking the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein...or Al Queda..." Murray Waas. November 2005 article.

Which brings us to the front man for the People of the Lie.

On TWO separate occasions he lied to the UN. The first time he told the UN (without providing evidence) that Saddam had tanks lined up on the Kuwaiti border (satellite evidence from
the same period of time shows NO tanks). Thus the UN was
persistent in wanting to see REAL evidence, prior to an invasion.

Having worked for a satellite mapping firm myself I can tell you, I fell on the floor laughing when Powell produced the satellite shots. a. They were so shoddy they looked like they were from the 1950's and the talcum powder drama queen bit with the bottle was really a piece of work.

Jest following orders Powell is the same as ANY Nazi we convicted at Nuremberg. He is NOT protecting his country - he is goose-stepping through every cover up of this corrupt evil regime.

And before we get too excited about what the Pope might want - lets remember whose side they were on the last war.

This man was HIRED by the GOP to promote their propaganda in the press. He had carte blanche to the White House and stayed overnight regularly.

This is referred to all over the web, as GANNONGATE, and would have impeached Clinton five times over.

Just another hypocrisy of the GOP democracy.


Check out the link above for a complete listing of the "gates" that got us here.