Saturday, March 04, 2006

Orange Jumpsuit Day in the USA

Ok it takes awhile OK...we are working our way to the top of the garbage heap.

This is the man who was in charge of public contracts... INDICTED, arrested on the job.

It is Jack Abramoff's birthday today so in honor of the Greedy Old Pedophile (GOP) patriarchy I thought I would run a special free association pictorial

Get your fascist jumpsuit and march in the color of freedom....(in the country of Georgia...interesting it is a color of PRISON in the USA where more human beings per capita are incarcerated than anywhere else in the world).

Now they own the voting machines through Hitler's "christians" the religious right money laundry machine that parallels the Islamic fundamentalist cash distribution system.

The typical Bush executive...either indicted or about to be.

Jack Abramoff's Birthday is today and many of his friends will be in court to deal with all the party favors he passed out the past several years.

David Safavian--lied to the feds, will be in court today

Michael Scanlon--Jack's DC partner in crime, will have a court status conference on Wednesday

Adam Kidan--Jack's Florida partner in crime, will be sentenced for fraud in a Florida court on Wednesday

Tom Delay--Jack's booster, will have his redistricting case heard in the Supreme Court on Wednesday

Duke Cunningham--Jack's California GOP competitor for most prolific briber, will be sentenced Friday for fraud and bribery

Tom Noe--Jack's Ohio GOP competitor for most prolific thief, watching from home and waiting for the next shoe to drop.

A reminder to all of these partygoers -- VR has some big rewards for you if you give us some smoking guns on how the 2004 election was manipulated.

People are talking, so it would be a good idea to come clean because that's what is now expected of you, and you are in the rehabilitation process, and of course, confession cleanses the soul.


Indeed...thanks Velvet Revolution keep kicking back... being under the mafia rule of a pedophile patriarchy is getting really old.