Tuesday, February 28, 2006

911 Truthiness Fundamental to US Freedom

Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report, one of the funniest political satires on television, has coined the phrase "truthiness" ...pointing to the need for truth in a sea of propaganda spewing largely from the White House and mainstream TV.

The Village Voice has this to say about the 911 TRUTH movement:


It's dark in the basement of St. Mark's Church and dark outside on a mid-December Sunday night, but inside they have seen the light. Among the 100 or so people in the room, many wear buttons that read "9/11 Was An Inside Job." Others grip the vital texts in their hands—Crossing the Rubicon, The New Pearl Harbor, or 9/11 Synthetic Terror. Most in the largely (but not exclusively) white and male crowd can quote you the important passages from "Rebuilding America's Defenses" or The 9/11 Commission Report. A few can guide you through the details of concepts like "peak oil" and pyroclastic flow. All of them suspect—and a few simply know—that their government was somehow complicit in the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans four Septembers ago.

It is a matter of public record that the government did not always voluntarily tell the whole truth about 9-11. In the first days after the tragedy, the EPA said the air was safe (see "Truth Out," page 32). The Bush administration claimed there had been no warnings of the attacks. A congressional inquiry was prevented from discussing information the intelligence community provided to the White House. The White House resisted forming an independent commission, stalled on releasing documents, delayed in allowing Condoleezza Rice to testify in public, and agreed to let the president meet with the commission only on the conditions that there be no oath administered, no formal transcript made, and that Vice President Dick Cheney be at his side. Several members of the commission had to recuse themselves from parts of the probe because their government or private-sector careers posed conflicts. And in its final report, the commission punted on such questions as where the money for the attacks originated, dubbing that issue "of little practical significance."

...more at the link noted above.

One doubts that we will EVER know the truth, when congress is so criminal it refuses to put the likes of Alberto Gonzales under oath when testifying about extracting the USA from the Geneva Convention. Instead of rising to the level of statesmen and women we have instead a gang covering one another's criminal money trail.


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