Monday, February 27, 2006

A Thousand Points of Light

Rock on First Baptist ...seeing the light

Folks in Tulsa wakened to this gem in their daily news today !

Thanks for the light Tulsa - keep talking truth!

Patrick Fitzgerald, prosecutor trying Abramoff, who also exposed Ralph Reed (Christian Coalition) links to Abramoff and the mafia.

If Mr. Fitzgerald is successful in trying this treason, then he should be awarded the Medal of Freedom.

Thanks for the light Mr. Fitzgerald, it is heartening to see a glimmer of integrity in a sea of corruption.

Paid off Republican reporter, White House pimp and call boy, Jeff Gannon, the most under-reported scandal in the history of Washington. A gay hooker with carte blanche to the president, whose history goes all the way back to Bush I and Franklingate (the pedophile scandal during Bush I's reign).

Thanks to the bulldog bloggers who have NOT let this story die.

A thousand points of light...all speaking truthiness at once... an awesome concept - one could say - divine.


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