Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Piety of Corporate Treasonous Pimps

Let's start at the top of the sick pile:

Placing the faces at the scene of the crime.

Donald Rumsfeld ordered torture as did George W. Bush AFTER (like mafia warlords), opting out of the Geneva Convention.
(Their intent was clear).

And here we have the goose-stepping, unquestioning, fawning follies called "media"

The royal consort and PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) when not advertising on HOTMILITARY STUDS.COM, also worked as a phoney news reporter (Talon News) for the "White" House. (Had unlimited access - at all hours - frequently stayed overnight). News media briefly went with the story then buried it.

Ah yes and Mr. Gannon is linked back to Bush Senior and that PEDOPHILE RING.... hushed up so long ago, when ONCE AGAIN American media became the paid off pawns of the Bush crime family.

But lets not stop here, IMC India media has an expose of the entire money laundering facility
that is the religious right (mafia).


Wayne Madsen May 2005

On February 3, 2005 thousands of politicians, businessmen, and religious figures gathered at the Washington Hilton Hotel for the 53rd National Prayer Breakfast. Through the years, many of the attendees mistakenly believed the event has been sponsored by the White House. In reality, the breakfast is organized by the shadowy and powerful Fellowship Foundation, an organization that was founded by pro-Nazis before World War II. The "Fellowship" is a transnational group that has its tentacles in governments and multinational corporations around the world. Its international power is demonstrated by the world leaders who annually flock to Washington to "pray" with the President of the United States. In attendance this year were President Ricardo Maduro of Honduras, who is backed by his country's large evangelical movement, and President Marc Ravalomanana, of Madagascar, who is, himself, an evangelical Christian.


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