Saturday, December 03, 2005

Banana Republicans - HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE

Murdering, lying, cheating, stealing, money laundering and telling us it is GOD?

Wow !

Get Your WAR PROFITEERS CARD DECK at and follow along as the corporate criminals of the world are arrested and incarcerated in GITMO.


The People of the World Demand Bush, Blair, and all complicit World Leaders be held accountable for:

Initiating War: the crime against peace

Crimes Against Humanity - targetting civilians; destruction of basic services

War Profiteering and privatizing of national resources

Cultural genocide, systematic looting of art, archives and cultural institutions

Mass detentions, random roundups, & torture

Violating Iraqi sovereignty

Using prohibited weapons including cluster bombs and depleted uranium weapons

Stealing trillions from social services

Policy of Endless War targetting: Haiti, Palestine, Philippines, Korea, Cuba

False testimonies, lies and fabrications to the public, the media, the United Nations and Congress

Inciting bigotry, racism and a climate of fear.


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