Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bush "Elite" - Breeding the Perfect Psychopath

Hanoi Hannah of the GOP, reincarnated Nazi prison camp guard, Coulter leaves due doubt as to her mental state.

Out of her mouth flows the most unconscionable hatred, whew !

There are moments (however brief). when I actually have compassion for George, mostly when I think of Barbara.

It is pretty hard NOT to grow up a narcissistic psychopath if that is all that is modeled to you, ol George had two.

Which is why it is important for the press to give us ALL the information on candidates running for president.
Like whether they have a penchant for funding SLAVE CAMPS...hmmmmm????

"On guard, looking ahead, flushing em out, huntin em down,
er, ...Barney... oh damn Barney why did you have to leap out of my arms like that causing you to fall and hurt yourself? Why Barney why?" (Well he couldn't scapegoat LAWRA ...she would likely punch him).

Dr. Death, and the serial summary, of psychopathic musings.

King of the USA - (both Bush and he are in business with the Bin Ladens, as they were at 9/11 - through the Carlyle Group. ) The Bin Laden construction group has rebuilt a number of sites after terror bombings.

He spends so much time with the Bush's they call him "Bandar Bush"

When RAND called Saudi Arabia no. 1 terror state, Bush had report rewritten and called Bandar to apologize.


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