Saturday, December 03, 2005

War - Propaganda Piety & Popes

Poindexter, convicted felon (Iran-Contra), was working in the White House until he proudly released the terror prediction system, with plans to allow the public to bet on a futures system predicting various political assassinations, invasions of countries, etc. ( Since the Bush CIA within the CIA controls most black ops worldwide, most expected they would also control the system, betting, and results.)

Pope George of the Corporate Criminal Christo-fascist monarchy.

Always war, always a religion and a group of fascists to join in.

We've let 3000 pedophiles out of jail under my watch yur holiness, and of course the Franklin ring is still going strong and Jeff sends his best wishes.

That "Ratz" is quite the guy, I liked his uniform for the Hitler youth movement, quite clean-cut, kinda like our boy scouts.

Seig Heil to that....


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