Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Dubya Diety

This is the man that privilege built. Millions have been spent ensuring the family name does not appear in the press next to anything approaching truth.

"Poppy" Bush, pitching as usual...

Ah yes the entire contingent of war criminals who show up to promote the invasion and
rape of another country.

I wonder when Bush will start wearing the crests of his sponsors on his Eisenhower jackets...

(Advertising, soldiers, tank, paid for by the American tax payer, of course).

According to America's number one religious source - this cartoon character is "gay" and a threat to the morals of the nation.

Can it be long before the religious police stamp out Batman and Robin?

Tinky Winky has already been branded "gay" by farcical Falwell, whose closest comparative source in religion is the Taliban.

Falwell, Robertson and Dobson, along with providing the money laundry service to the racketeering GOP, have carried out a lengthy campaign against women's reproductive rights and equal rights for gays/lesbians. (Run a search on the web under "christian mafia, Falwell, Robertson," and thousands of links detail the information).


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