Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bush's Mime and Mirror

Yes, George and we have noticed just how much like you - she is. The mirror image, your reflection so to speak. Her speech is entirely scripted and her voice has gone up an octave under the strain of lying so often, on camera and with knowledge.

Her eyes are as dead as the rest of the pack.

Gee Imelda Marcus (another GOP funded dictator) and arms, drugs dealer, LOVED shoes too.

Stamped into her character is this simple truth: The truth doesn't matter. Her job, as she sees it, is blindly to carry out the will of George W. Bush.

Thus, the worst national security adviser in history -- with a record of failures, poor judgment, miscalculations and refusal to admit mistakes in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary -- is set for Senate confirmation to become Secretary of State.

The above referenced link has one of the best descriptions of narcissistic personality disorder and how to spot it. The need to surround oneself with people who rigidly reflect the ideology of the narcissist is so prevalent in the Bush Administration that the news media have been muted entirely, and ONLY those who support a Bush position are welcome.

(It is interesting too to go back and look at the entire family, and the choice for example of Quayle ...... )

I shuddered when I finished reading this site because I began to realize that we teach narcissism as a value in North America, and it is not a very enlightened way to educate people.


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