Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Canada's All American BOY - Stephen Harper

Yup good ol boy Stephen is another "little bush"

- Against women's reproductive rights, with the usual arrogant, patriarchal crap denigrating a woman's ability to make this highly personal, private decision with her doctor.

- There are 3000 pedophile cases OUTSTANDING against the Catholic Church, where was this cretin's voice of protest when they hosted "International YOUTH Day" in Canada?

- and gay rights, forget being an EQUAL human being with this cretin, he would turn the clock back. Like Bush, he is aiming for the 16th century,with the bulk of us living as serfs to the greed in the castle.

Having lived long enough to remember Brian Mulroney stacking the Senate with appointed hacks so he could RAM through the GST, it leaves me cold to hear this automatum talk about reducing the GST by 2%. Gee Guido...what next, ice cream with the tax reduction, while you stroll around singing "While Irish Eyes Are Smiling" (ala Mulroney with Reagan).

ALL these ol boys talk high and long with OUR MONEY.

Why not ASK US what we want to do with it - it IS our money, and bringing up the GST Stephen ...not a good idea considering a conservative government brought it in the first place and by the most UNdemocratic process imaginable - stacking a Senate by appointment.


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