Friday, December 09, 2005

Blogging - Reality TV of the Homeland

The bodies that come home, unrecognized, not honored and kept from public view.

We cannot give the people FACTS...

How about ARMS trading, torture (School of Americas), and drug running for sixty years.
(No, not their sentence, that is how long they have been doing it)

Ah ever lovin, do ANYTHING Tony. The worst of the pair in some ways, he looks sooo normal.

American center for the training of "intelligence" officers, psychopaths of every nationality are welcome.

Oh Dad, it is wilder than my biggest ever dream, I may just roll in it. The Saudis bring it over in suitcases - cash on the barrel (sorry for the pun) so to speak ya know.

Check out this pirate news group, who report EVERYTHING the "mainstream (corporate clones) media" does not.

It is a refreshing breeze of reality in the face of a deluge of drones blathering idiocy and nonsense from sun up until sun down.


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