Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Mockery of Justice - Our "Leaders"

The Premier of British Columbia on vacation in Hawaii, smiling (the latest Neo Con thing) for his mug shot.

Gordon Campbell

This charge is for drunk driving.

Over 500 children died on his watch, after budget cuts to a social welfare program were left unmonitored.

"W" after forty years as a lush, became BORN AGAIN (as what we are not sure) and his rhetoric has not made it much clearer. A pretzel you say?

Well granted Abramoff (r) is not smiling here (wow look at the eyes), but a few bodies are floating in a Florida swamp as well.

The man who smiles when he discusses the deaths of over 150 inmates in Texas, where he put more people to DEATH than ANY Governor in the history of the USA.

The photo on the left is just DeLay taking a pause to ramp up the mafia don inside. The photo on the right is DeLay smiling through his mug shot, resulting in the dysfunctional lunacy of appearing to be quite happy.
At least Gordon Campbell was drunk - WHAT was DeLay's excuse?


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