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When the American People Wake Up

Head mafia don on the bench, Tony Scalia. His son was involved with the Bush campaign, AND he helped place
the current corporate dictator.

Cheney planned the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq with the oil executives of America. When Judicial Watch demanded the names of those who met with Cheney, the SUPREME COURT (Kangaroos United), let Cheney off the hook, after he went duck hunting with Scalia.

Arrogant, above the law, and a critical part of the current treason.

Er, Hon...easy on the steroids.

Ah perhaps you could start the next speech with something other than "this administration," (followed by lie), or "this president."

(Why do we never see Condi's there a wind up handle?)

WORLD WATCH reports the major problem in the world seems to be one ignorant, irritating hot spot, of lawless, lying aggression emanating from a place called KenneBUNKport.

Oh ya,...let's DO bring the troops home, we need them HERE. Let's start arresting and jailing the corporate COUP of psychopathic narcissists, who will do anything to anybody (for greed).

This site has a summary of links spelling out what is happening to America, the money trail and the people involved for those who want facts.


"When the American People wake up and find out what the Federal Government has done to them; I would not want to be a Congressman. I would not want to be a Senator. I would not want to be a Judge on the Bench or even in Law Enforcement. I would not want to be a Governor or a member of the state governments, or even down to the local city governments. I would not want to be even a dog catcher; Because when the American People wake up and find out what they have done; They will hunt them down like dogs and give them a fair trial, then hang the bastards on the Capitol Steps."Russell Herman Herrman - November 17th. 1993

When my work histories were erased in The Department of Health and Human Services Data Base and those very records reflected V.K. Durham was deceased in mid 1992, my own mother and father had to verify that I was indeed their child, and we refiled all the particulars back into the DHHS Data Base.Russell was going blind. He had contracted something which we could watch eat away at his body, up his throat, then up his face and ultimately in his eye which he contracted during his CONTRA involvement in Latin America.

I was conducting an investigation for the DOE in matters which are happening right here and right now which also involves OPERATION CODE NAME TROJAN and taking hostage the entire global banking, financing and economics which we (DOE) learned about from a late night telephone call from Earl Hightower Senior International Counsel for Tennaco Oil Corp, Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Cal. after he witnessed the happenings at the RONALD REAGAN dinner party where all Big Oil Companies, Saudi Kings and Princes, Russian Ambassadors and so on who all agreed to initiate a war with Omar Qudaffi of Lybia immediately after Reagan won the Presidency and proceed to 'take over the far east oil fields'..Earl Hightower's Gulfstream blew up over the Baja shortly after his disturbing telephone call informing DOE about the Purpose and Intent of the Reagan Dinner Attendees killing Mr. Hightower, his wife and daughter.I had been disabled and nearly killed in an auto incident which happened on Feb. 17, 1983 after being rear ended by the daughter and her friend who’s fathers were very powerful IRANIAN nationals residing at the LaCosta Country Club who never had to see the inside of the Courts, they had diplomatic immunity.

Neither Russell or I ever thought on November 18, 1991 when I was forced by the DHHS to be removed from our BOATMEN’S NATIONAL BANK ACCOUNT at our Boatmen’s Bank, 23 Public Square, Belleville, Illinois that the Boatmen’s Bank Account would be used for laundering money in what is called a pass through or in and out account and used by THE CONTRAS men to launder the fall out on the two $120 Billion Dollar Gold 10 year term transactions beginning 9/12/91 (see: )authorized by President George H.W. Bush who authorized James Baker III, Nicholas Brady, Alan Greenspan to illegally use something that did not belong to the President of the United States .The terms of those two $120 Billion Dollar Transactions were (1) for 10 years or (2) until the U.S. Dollar was exhausted.

Cantor Fitzgerald was the underwriters. The entire paper trail of the transactions which concluded on or about 9/11/01 were in Cantor Fitzgerald’s WTC Offices.Approximately 3000 American Lives were lost in the WTC incident as a result of Acts of Presidents and High Ranking US Fed. Govt. Agencies Acting in Conflict of Interest and CONTRA to the Constitution of the united States of America who indulge themselves in ARMS PUSHING/Selling (see: )to other leaders in other nations who act CONTRA to their own nation and nations peoples.USAF, USCG, UST, CIA, COL. RUSSELL HERRMAN-HERMAN was a ARMS DEALER for THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES. I did not know that at first, but I know it now! His operation was based in Chicago, with offices in the NW Corner of the Pentagon, and Curaçao. He was right in there as THE PRESIDENT'S MAN, operating with KHASHOGGI, ARI ONASSIS, HOWARD HUGHES and the rest of them... Herman, Hughes and Onassis used the Nevada Corporation known as Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85 for the Arms Dealing and a "shrimp fleet" for moving both Gold and Arms. A concerned telephone call from Chief of Operations, Fraud Division, INTERPOL (DK) warned about: Bush operatives tried for years to set up look alike Cosmos Corporations out in Nevada..After Herman's murder, Bush & Clinton operatives pulled an Identity Theft and Incorporated the Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing Ltd; Nevada Corp., and proceeded to set up a COUNTERFEIT US DEBT INSTRUMENT & MONEY LAUNDERING operating down in the Philippines conducting business with Islamic Banks, MILF, Al Qaeda which takes great pride in blocking investigations attempted by INTERPOL with their Diplomatic Immunity .This is their statements in public print..not mine.Based on 'public need to know' we will, pursuant to Fair Use as provided by Law, provide 43 pages posted by Wayne Madsen regarding DIPLOMATIC CABLES dated November 26, 2005 which is vitally important to CONNECTING THE DOTS, and the Public needs to know about it and have access to the information Wayne Madsen has so carefully gathered in his "dot connecting" and especially when evidence is given by a former South African top spy about "right wing Republicans such as North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, Henry Kissinger, California Republican Rep. Robert Dornan, Indiana Republican Representative DAn Burton, Illinois Republican Representative Phil Crane, and right-wing GOP kook Alan Keys" a group that pumped out all sorts of propaganda claiming that the African National Congress and Nelson Mandella were Communist" etc (Hmmm! Look at the Idaho Observer ).You can read the DIPLOMATIC CABLES at .
President Clinton& Ron BrownPresident Clinton & Ron Brown were ARMS DEALERS. Did you know that!? Since you did not know that..-- There are 57 pages of investigative work by Larry Klayman etals that you need to read at .Here they pass unconstitutional laws to disarm the We, the People as presidents of the US conduct Arms Deals and other international agreements under Treaties international agreements other than treaties such as Tias 12087 (see: ),and the People who have suffered grievously by these oppressive, despotic Acts which our Executive Branch have indulged themselves in Un Constitutional Acts CONTRA or CONTRARY to the Constitutional Laws of the united States or the US Constitution (which also means "LAW")..These individuals occupying the WHITE HOUSE and our U.S. House of Representatives, our Courts no longer represent WE, the People.. THEY REPRESENT THEMSELVES AND THEIR "RICH MANS CLUB" as described by President Clinton on open mike to Boris Yeltsin at the break up of the old Soviet Union.. You can view the activities of the Rich MansClub or Billionaire Boys Club at . Read it carefully.While your at it read(EXECUTIVE BRANCH TRADE FUNCTIONS): i.e., the introduction for legislation in the Senate (S. 580) of April 02, 1993 designed to substantially reorganize and reinvigorate the executive branch trade functions.For the Record: To reorganize and reinvigorate the executive branch for any purpose CONTRARY to the Original Purpose and Intent of those Executive or Presidential Powers (a) Granted (b) Vested and/or (c) enumerated and (d) contained in the Constitution of the united States is subversion of the Constitution and the Law of the Land its very self.When the Reorganization and Reinvigorating of the Executive Branch by Acts Contrary or in Contra-Distinction with the CONSTITUTION constitutes a systemic subversion and destruction of THE LAW OF THE LAND and the Constitutions Bill of Rights allowing for MOB RULE under CORPORATE LAW or THE LAW OF THE SEA which was re-instated by US Sec. Madaline Albright in 1994.Just in case you do not know the power of THE LAW OF THE SEA, I will attempt to quote JUSTINIAN LAW 11: "The Law of the Sea can take anything in its path as long as there is nothing on land that can stop it."The Constitutions Law of the Land covered in the Bill of Rights VIth Amendment has the power to stop this unconstitutional Lawlessness resulting from the "reorganization and reinvigorating of the Executive Branch"..if you can find a judge on the bench who has the balls to stand by his Oath.The Constitution and the Law of the Land do not allow the Executive Branch to operate in such fashion as to willfully and maliciously cause harm to We, the People and our Allies in acts such as described herein and in TOM FLOCCO'S articles which are covering the current GRAND JURY INVESTIGATIONS found at .The Constitution and the Law of the Land do not allow for ACTS OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST OF OUR EXECUTIVES and their involvement in and with THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS called "THE SPECIAL GROUP" which you can read about at .The very thing which is HELD IN TRUST for the We, the People and People of Nations who have been subjected to willful, malicious and deceptive practices of entering into treaties international agreements other than treaties by those intending to overthrow the Xth Amendment Government of the united States (We, the Sovereign People) by those acting in their capacity of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH and CFR (see: );
Was copied off from Public Records which were filed August 1, 1994 and backdated to August 5, 1994 alleging the signature of a murdered man which was notarized FOUR years after his death and then a counterfeit US Debt Operation was set up to operate with Diplomatic Immunity out of the Philippines which ties in with LEO WANTA OF SOMOLIA and VICE PRESIDENT CHENEY in documents contained in .When the Philippine Counterfeit operation was reported to the U.S. SECRET SERVICE Omaha Ne. Field Office Agents in May 2001.. I was told by SS Agent Kennedy: "We will not investigate the Ekkers and the Philippine operation. Our only duty is to protect the President of the United States."Will these PATRICK FITZGERALD GRAND JURY INVESTIGATIONS dig deep enough to put these EXECUTIVE BRANCH "ORGANIZED CRIME RING" OPERATIVES out of the business of terrorizing our lives at home and abroad? Who knows!As long as our U.S. House Members belong to this BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB or RICH MANS CLUB operating out of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH and are 'paid off' by a contingency of over 80,000 Lobbyist SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAW OF THE LAND... The IXth Amendment Government (U.S. House Members) are non-effective and put the Sovereign Xth Amendment (We, the People) in HARMS WAY.The excessive, misconstruction and abuse of Powers of Office of the Executive Branch and the CONTRARY Acts in which they have indulged globally has brought about some dammed angry People's of other nations who have had "operatives" inside the US who have been burying guns and amo or storing guns and amo in "warehouses-storage areas" all across the US of A and are now coming across our borders as Illegal Aliens to take up arms against We, the People who have had nothing at all to do with THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH'S "CONTRARY" Activity and are as much Victims as the ones coming across our Borders to 'settle matters'..and it sure as hell ain't for jobs!
Reagan White House Middle East Special Envoy Donald Rumsfeld shakes hands with Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein during his visit on December 19-20, 1983. Rumsfeld would visit again on March 24, 1984, the day the U.N. Released a report that mustard gas and Tabun nerve gas had been used by Iraq against Iranian troops.Saddam Hussein goes on Trial for his life today...-- Did you know SADDAM HUSSEIN was never paid by UNION OIL & ZAPATTA OIL for the optional 9 year contract, 3X3X3 Bonnie Light Crude they bought on or about October 20, 1982..?Payment for the 3x3x3 Oil Contract was FOB Port of Departure, Aubbi Daubi, Kuwait... Saddam went over for his payment, and was refused. President George H.W. Bush reportedly said to Saddam: "Saddam go on over to Kuwait and get your money."Saddam was refused his money, and went back, got his Military and went over to Kuwait to collect his money. Result: DESERT STORM for NON PAYMENT and a SECOND DESERT STORM for Arms and WMD'S sold to SADDAM by ARMS PUSHING in the Executive Branch which you can read the Modus Operandi or MO at SADDAM is on trial for his life with ex-U.S. Atty. General Ramsey Clark going over to represent the man which is so much like FOX'S GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE that it is pathetic!All of this is bigger, meaner and far more double down dirty than WATERGATE!All of this, in quoting THE IDAHO OBSERVER.. Oh, I'm not going to 'quote it' you go ahead and read it at .
This effects our Farms, our Homes, our Manufacturing, our Industry and further believed this has evidence of some involved who are "not totally devoid of human qualities" as stated in a statement regarding former U.S. House Rep. Bob Dole of Kansas and him being an asset to the grain cartels which can be read in The Un-Authorized Biography by: Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin at .This thought really reaches; Americans never were fat people. We ate well but we were never overly obese...not until the Grain Cartels began GENETIC MODIFICATION with our grains and inducing GROWTH HORMONES into our meat source. This makes one wonder if we are being fattened up for THE LIZARDS of COMMANDER HATONN'S space fleet...Lizard Dinner Table.That brings to mind George Bush (41) statement about "A dragon being dragged away
Rumsfeld, Ford, Cheneyfrom a three wine dinner table" ( see: )Back to NIXON'S WATERGATE. "Watergate was to be a sure coup d'etat which was instrumental in laying down the basis for the specific new type of authoritarian-totalitarian regime which now rules the United States. The purpose of the coup was to rearrange the dominant institutions of the US Government so as to enhance their ability to carry out policies agreeable to the increasingly urgent dictates of the British-dominated Morgan-Rockefeller-Mellon-Harriman financier faction"..again see: .There are 24 pages you should copy and read. You will find Henry Kissinger along with the others involved in THIS CONTRA mess which effects each of our lives and is CONTRA to the Original Purpose and Intent of the Constitution of the United States.
Remember BOB WOODWARD and his WATERGATE role...? Well; Bob Woodward is not answering 'questions' as reported on ONLINE JOURNAL by Margie Burns at BY GOLLIES; Patrick Fitzgerald is having problems as GOSS REFUSES TO GIVE FITZGERALD CIA LEAK DAMAGE ASSESSMENT which can be read at ....As these ORGANIZED CRIME "BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB MEMBERS" conduct business Above and Beyond the Constitutional mandates stipulated in those SEVEN ARTICLES OF LAW of THE LAND...while entering into treaties international agreements other than treaties with deceptive and malicious intent to overthrow the XTh Amendment Government i.e. WE, THE PEOPLE; Acting IN CONFLICT OF INTEREST with the designated Duties of their Respective Offices of Public an ABOVE THE LAW oppressive and despotic fashion which was spelled out in the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 (F.N. Thorpe, ed. Federal and State Constitutions, Vol. I, p. 3ff. The text is taken from the version in the Revised Statutes of the United States, 1878 ed., and has been collated with the facsimile of the original as printed in the original Journal of the Old Congress).
Curtis LeMayIn closing; I think back to when General Curtis LeMay, Col. Russell Herman, Colby, Casey, Bordu and the "Engineer" from Mexico all sat at my dining room table discussing all of this, and did not want to hear what they were saying. LeMay stood up with that cigar clenched firmly between his teeth, pointing his finger at me and said "Girlie! You G** Dammed well better listen to what we are saying! If you don't know what you are up against; HOW IN THE F***ING HELL ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND OTHERS WHO WILL NEED TO KNOW WHAT IN THE G** DAMMED HELL HAS GONE ON HERE IN THIS F***ING COUNTRY!"I had heard rumors about AVERELL HARRIMAN and his BANKING CONGLOMERATES, LYNDON JOHNSON, Johnson's Texas Oil cronies along with old UNCLE SAM RAYBURN and their involvement in THE JFK ASSASSINATION but these men with the CIA were openly discussing JFK'S assassination! To "Connect the Dots" you had better read this and see who all is-was involved .and Herman had a letter in his files with SAM RAYBURN'S US. LETTERHEAD..congratulating BILL BISHOP for his participation .... which was sent to U.S. House Member , Charles E. Grassley... and the only response was "WHERE IN THE HELL DID YOU GET THIS DOCUMENT?!"After reading TOM FLOCCO'S article on THE WHITE HOUSE INVOLVEMENT in JFK, JR'S death at ;I truly wish I had listened to what those men were talking about at my dinning room table all those many years ago.VKD
See Also:INDIA'S NEW FACE ON CAPITOL HILLBy: Ramtanu Maitra (Asia Times)5.8.03 INVOLVED IN ARKANSAS 'BLOOD SCANDAL' ACCORDING TO NEW DOCUMENTARY RELEASEDBy Greg Szymanski11.28.05 CONGRESSBy DOUG THOMPSON (Capitol Hill Blue)11.28.05In 1988, Senate Republican leader Bob Dole discovered I was spending several hundred thousand dollars of Realtor PAC money in Montana in an “independent expenditure” effort to support incumbent Democratic Senator John Melcher. He called me in for a face-to-face.“What in the hell do you think you’re doing up there? You should be helping our candidate (a former auctioneer named Conrad Burns).” Dole shook with anger.I explained that Melcher had helped the real estate industry in the last budget bill while many Republicans looked the other way.“I don’t give a damn about that," Dole said. "You can’t spend that money on Melcher. He’s an asshole.”“Senator,” I replied, “if we took the assholes out of the Senate we’d have a lot of empty seats on both sides of the aisle.”Dole yelled at me to get out of his office and, for a while, banned our lobbyists. But we continued to contribute to his campaign and bought back our access to his office. Melcher lost the race to Burns (the only independent expenditure campaign I lost that year). Burns is now a central figure in the bribery and corruption probe of lobbyist Jack Abramoff. THE WAYNE MADSEN REPORT ARCHIVES: "MZM" AND DUKE CUNNINGHAM Posted By: Patriotlad (RMN)11.29.05"MZM" stand for the names of Wade's three children -- Matthew, Zachary and Morgan. It was later discovered that Wade allowed Cunningham to live aboard his yacht, named the "Duke-Stir," berthed at Washington, DC's Capitol Yacht Club. Cunningham also serves on the powerful House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Amid the Cunningham scandal, Wade resigned as President and CEO of MZM and replaced himself with retired three-star Army General James King, a close friend and associate. Wade's move came after his previously-selected replacement, chief operating officer Frank Bragg, suddenly resigned after being named President and CEO. Former Bush Director of the Office of Personnel Management Kay Cole James, a recently-named Vice President of MZM, also resigned suddenly. A Federal Grand Jury has subpoenaed documents from Cunningham and there is an on-going FBI investigation. Three former MZM employees have charged that Wade pressured them and other MZM employees to give money to MZM's Political Action Committee, which then funneled the money to the campaigns of Cunningham, Virginia Republican Representative Virgil Goode, and Florida Republican Representative (and current Senate candidate) Katherine Harris. MZM maintains an office in Goode's district and plans to establish one in Harris's. TERRORISM TO CONTROL US - NOT A NEW IDEA Posted By: Ghostwolfemoon (RMN)11.29.05

President Nixon, national security assistant Kissinger, Secretary of Defense Laird, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Earle Wheeler having lunch at the Pentagon before going to the National Military Command Center for a SIOP briefing, 27 January 1969 (Photo, courtesy Office of Secretary of Defense Historical Office)
"TO HAVE THE ONLY OPTION THAT OF KILLING 80 MILLION PEOPLE IS THE HEIGHT OF IMMORALITY"By: William Burr11.23.05Washington D.C., November 23, 2005 - The Bush administration's interest in preemptive military options, whether conventional or nuclear, and limited use of nuclear weapons (e.g., bunker busting) is remarkably similar to military plans and options considered by earlier presidential administrations. Declassified documents from the Nixon administration show that U.S. nuclear war plans included preemptive options for striking Soviet and Chinese nuclear forces. They also show President Nixon and Henry Kissinger reacting to the massive nuclear strikes embodied in U.S. war plans by demanding more flexible options and plans for limited use of nuclear weapons.The Nixon Administration, the SIOP, and the Search for Limited Nuclear Options, 1969-1974Newly Declassified Documents Detail U.S. Nuclear War Plan Options, Nixon's and Kissinger's Reactions to Them, and Their Interest in Making Nuclear Weapons More Useable - The Pentagon's COINTELPROBy Kurt Nimmo (Rense)11-29-5The Washington Post reports today:The White House is considering expanding the power of a little-known Pentagon agency called the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, which was created three years ago. The proposal, made by a presidential commission, would transform CIFA from an office that coordinates Pentagon security efforts-including protecting military facilities from attack-to one that also has authority to investigate crimes within the United States such as treason, foreign or terrorist sabotage or even economic espionage. Library of Congress > THOMAS Home > Congressional Record > Search ResultsEXECUTIVE BRANCH TRADE FUNCTIONS (Senate - April 02, 1993)[Page: S4438][Begin insert]Mr. ROTH. Mr. President, last month I introduced legislation in the Senate (S. 580) designed to substantially reorganize and reinvigorate our executive branch trade functions. I am absolutely convinced that if America is to compete successfully inthe global economy, we must get organized and project a strong, resolute trade presence to the world that will command respect and serve our domestic trade interests. Our present system, by failing to integrate into our overall economic policy economic and other global concerns, makes it virtually impossible to develop a coherent and effective strategy for the post-cold-war era. An article entitled `Washington's Trade Octopus' by Diana Lady Dougan was published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on February 28, 1993. In that piece, Ambassador Dougan urges consolidation of our Government's trade policy and export promotion functions under one agency, an idea that I have been advocating for more than a decade. A new department dedicated to trade will expand our exports by giving American firms and workers the tools necessary to compete and win in international competition. As Ambassador Dougan points out, `trade and international development issues are balkanized among 17 Federal agencies. Turf protectionism, agency shopping by special interests and lack of coordination of trade and export issues undercut America's ability to respond to the changing international market.' I believe the Clinton administration has been presented with a unique opportunity to fundamentally change the way our Government does business. But we must move swiftly. The importance of our ability to compete in international markets is central to our future economic growth, our domestic welfare and our national security. Unless the United States puts muscle and coherence into its trade policy and institutions, we may squander what is perhaps our greatest growth opportunity. While a trade department is by no means a new idea, it is, in my view, an idea whose time has come. Ambassador Dougan served Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan in Senate confirmed positions and is currently senior adviser to the Center for Strategic and International Studies and chairwoman of the International Communications StudiesProgram. Her remarks follow and I ask that they be submitted for the Record. The article follows: Washington's Trade Octopus(BY DIANA LADY DOUGAN)As the clock ticks on `the first 100 days' of the Clinton administration, the focus is on the new people who are going to head the old bureaucracies. While it is important that confirmation hearings zero in on the qualifications of the Cabinet and sub-Cabinet appointees, too little attention is being given to how the bureaucracies should be restructured. Few officials relish mandates to down-size, much less disband their newly acquired domains, but now is the time to lay down the markers while bureaucracies, as well as Congress and the electorate, are receptive to major change. A case in point is international trade and development. Despite the assertion of Clinton that it won't be `business as usual,' hot ticket items like U.S. competitiveness already are diffusing among a gaggle of agencies and congressional committees with overlapping mandates and jurisdictions. And more than a few of Washington's 80,000 lobbyists are quickly reclaiming their `special interest' real estate. With Clinton's announcement that he will `make Commerce more visible and more powerful' with Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, an already powerful Washington insider, and Mickey Kantor, a street-smart Washington outsider as U.S. trade representative, optimism is high. But beefing up the Commerce Department, getting tough on trade barriers, not to mention pouring more money into export promotion, redirecting the Agency for International Development (AID) and setting up new commissions to study the problems of international competitiveness have been part of every president's agenda since World War II. Today, trade and international development issues are balkanized among 17 federal agencies. Turf protectionism, agency shopping by special interests and lack of coordination of trade and export issues undercut America's ability to respond to the changing international market. The longstanding separation between the Department of Commerce and its role in trade promotion, and the U.S. trade representative in trade negotiation, served America well during this past decade's emphasis on establishing global trading frameworks, but the future rationale of this division is questionable. Furthermore, much of the real policy impact on export competitiveness is created by the Treasury Department and myriad multilateral lending and assistance organizations. Meanwhile, U.S. preoccupation with the deficit and economic strength here at home have downgraded development-assistance programs abroad that can play major roles in international trade and economic growth. As it is, the lion's share of the already diminishing resources of AID have long been subsumed by thinly veiled defense set-asides. (The `security assistance' programs for just three countries--Israel, Egypt and the Philippines--represent 65 percent of the overall AID `economic support fund' budget.) Congressional gridlock and micro-managing have kept the well-meaning people at AID on continuing resolution since 1986. Meanwhile, Japan's Overseas Development Agency now surpasses the United States in assistance giving and largely targets strategic market development and creative financing schemes. Indeed, most assistance-giving countries, with the exception of the United States, assure that major business contracts godirectly to their own nationals. U.S. international economic stakes are high. Despite a boost from the undervalued dollar, current U.S. exports (including services) represent less than 10 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP). By contrast, major trading partners like Germany and France derive close to 30 percent of their GDPs from export revenues. John Macomber, Export-Import Bank chairman for the Bush administration, touted a modest goal of increasing U.S. export revenues by 5 percent a year over the next five years to 15 percent of our GDP. But the results would be far from modest--more than $250 billion in new revenues. Clinton's nominee to succeed Macomber, Goldman Sachs' Ken Brody, and others with international economic portfolios probably will pick up the theme. If we are to accomplish this goal to which both Democrats and Republicans subscribe, the issues of international trade, commerce and development must be refocused and restructured. Some useful and cost-saving starts would be: Consolidate trade policy and export promotion under one agency. This includes folding the U.S. trade representative, the Export-Import Bank, Overseas Private Investment Corp. and State Department's Trade Development Program into the Department of Commerce. Disband the Agency for International Development, which Clinton already has targeted for $500 million in cuts over the next five years. Disperse its responsibilities to other agencies (e.g., the Peace Corps for humanitarian assistance. Department of Defense for security assistance and United States Information Agency for development training). An even more cohesive approach would be to consolidate the Department of Commerce, AID and the related international trade, financing and assistance activities into a new lean and focused Department of Trade and Development. This new department would absorb all major international economic activities currently spread among Commerce, the U.S. trade representative. Trade Development Program, Treasury and others. The various domestic functions of the Commerce Department logically can be moved to already existing bureaus in the departments of Labor, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy and Interior. These suggestions may seem draconian, but they are practical if tackled early in the process. The most far-reaching trade-reform attempt was during the Reagan administration when a new Department of Trade and Industry was approved. It was doomed. Beyond concerns over the perceived flirtation with `industrial policy,' the real flaw was that the proposal was not launched at the very beginning of the new administration when politicians on both sides of the aisle were prepared, to carry out a mandate for change. Clinton says the Reagan administration was an important role model for transition and organization. Let us hope he learns from its failures as well as successes. [End insert][Page: S4439]
Back-Up to Story
See Also:THE CONTRA FALL-OUT; GOD & COUNTRY(S), (8)By: V.K. Durham12.3.05

So much info is coming out and coming out fast that we do not have the ability to keep up the pace without using and taking advantage of other researchers materials who have also been connecting the dots. In all fairness I believe we should post the following with all of our articles regarding the CONTRAS:FAIR USE NOTICEThis site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copywrite owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of political, human rights, economic, democracy, socialism, fascism, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a "fair use" pursuant to the People's 1st Amendment Rights of being well informed in order they may be prepared for SELF DEFENSE against oppressive, despotic, abuse of power in the body politic and therefore the Right to Know qualifies for the Fair Use Notice application as provided for in section 107 of the US Copywright Law. It is further in full accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, and the material provided on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed prior interest and great concern regarding conditions and situations effecting We, the People. For more information go to: .Back-Up to Story
Ask not what your Country can do for you,Ask what you can do for your Country.V.K. Durham,CEO-SignatoryPO Box 113Ida Grove, Iowa 51445 U.S.A. Ante‡Chamber WebSite created by LArge Steve2003


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