Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Canada's Own Little Bush

Canada's Own Little Bush

The Premier of BC who sold our medical plan to a U.S. firm.

He has made it clear that our water, oil, and natural resources are ALL for sale.

Watch the eyes - like the Bush Admin - they are devoid of emotion unless the subject relates directly to him.

The City of Vancouver RESIDENTS..not the City, were forced to pay over $800 MILLION to rebuild buildings built under or after the Campbell regime, when they fired all building inspectors from the City and made that function one of the architect assigned by the developer to each building.



Liberals to slash spending after election

Campbell, the Premier we love to hate

By Monte Paulsen

We British Columbians love to hate our Premiers. Always have. Booted our first barely a year after Confederation. (John McCreight. Didn’t like his temper.) But even by BC’s prickly standards, Premier Gordon Campbell seems to draw more enemy fire than most. Nowhere is Campbell assaulted more fiercely than on the Internet. There are literally dozens of sites dedicated to loathing the man.

An extreme low-budget movie entitled BULLY stars a cheap plastic figurine that looks like Campbell. He drives a toy car through a B.C. forest, purring with approval as he passes roadside signs reading “slash” and “burn.” The driver then whips into “Larry’s Liquor Barn,” downs a few drinks, pops back behind the wheel and promptly runs down a policeman.

Can you pin down Gordon Campbell? is a computer game in which players try to click on Gordo’s mug shot as it bounces about the screen. He cries, “Ouch!” when pinned. (Thanks to years of Whack-A-Mole training, I was able to pin him down ten times. “Wow!!” the screen replied. “Have you thought of running for leader yourself?”)

The most humourous daily does of Campbell bashing can usually be found at Have You Had Enough Yet?, which bills itself as “an irreverent voice of opposition to the government and its embedded media.” For those who prefer to be reminded to hate Campbell even before the first cup of coffee, the Canadian Union of Public Employees has published a downloadable 2005 Dirty Deeds Calendar , which features Grahame Arnould’s political cartoons.

There are serious Campbell-crit sites as well. The new 2005 Election Issues section at Cathy Wood’s comprehensive Creative Resistance is among the best. Deceive BC parodies the ubiquitous provincial ad campaign, and lists Campbell’s broken promises. BC4Sale reports on privatization problems. From the Heartlands, Kootenay cuts and the Youbou Timberless Society are each worth a look.

BULLY includes a trailer that warns: “Some sentiments may not be shared by all viewers. Discretion is advised.” These last few sites also merit such a disclaimer.

BC Fiberals brazenly proclaims, “Gordon Campbell is a villain, destined to go down in history as the man who sold THE PEOPLE of British Columbia down the river.” The site itself sells a forthcoming CD of anti-campbell songs recorded by Vancouver area musicians. BC LIBERALS: BAD FOR BC suffers from poor grammar and destitute design, but provides the largest list of incendiary links.

“The Above List Only Touches The Tip Of The BC Liberals Titanic Iceberg,” scrawls the proprietor. “With This Liberal Blitzkrieg Running Full Tilt It’s Tough To keep Current.” In the same frothing-at-the-mouth vein is Campbell’s Shambles, which actually does feature the requisite image of flames shooting out of Gordo’s head.

Comment: Gordo gets drunk, blows twice the limit while driving, manages not to kill himself or anyone else, (which would occasion any senior public servant working for him to resign in respect of their office), and insists that it a private matter, essentially privatising his public responsibility as the premier of BC. Enough drunk driving, enough drunk governance, kick thoses scoundrels out next election!


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