Saturday, November 26, 2005

Breasts to the Wind Over Ashcroft's Amerika

Here is the country that the Gott father from the greatest generation has yet to liberate

Here is Brownie Bob, the news, and views according to the Bush League Disaster team
"You're doin a good job Brownie," says President Bush ..and I agree, YOU exemply the Bush Administration in everything you do - a complete reflection.

Bohr to Einstein - "I would not presume to know what God is thinking."

We do not torture in the land of Jesus birth.

We do not torture anywhere on earth.

Yes, dear Goddess of Earth, we know. This solstice we will rock the earth in light, bathing you in the peace to come as we surround the White House, holding candles, demanding peace, holding the strength of real prophets like Gandhi. From mother earth and father sky have I come - and so I shall return, after accepting your challenge to love life in all its forms of your diverse divinity. Surrounding the world in light, bathing her..


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