Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Pedophile Patriarchy

Ah as usual, flipping off the human race Karl Rove. Herr Goebbels of the Corporate Coup.

From Franklingate to Gannon gate, from Bush Sr. to Bush Jr., always a hushed up PEDOPHILE RING

He'll bring the Sinister Witch of Spin, from Texas...proving once again that intelligent well..not so intelligent.

Heh...ol Arnie...just doesn't get it...

Himmler, in charge of the slave camps, where American industry also profited.

I wonder if his uniform and ALL the military equipment was provided by Bush family funding, or if it came from GE, GM, Ford, or the other carpetbaggers who always arm both sides.

Pedophilia was a problem in this cult too - Hitler's niece another story unto itself.


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