Friday, November 25, 2005

Pimping to Power - American Press

Jeff Gannon defines the American press relationship ... a touching moment with the Gosch, Gannon, Guckert connection to the Franklingate pedophile ring under Bush One.

You PAY you PLAY. Manufactured news.

War criminal notebook: Opt out of Geneva convention, opt out of Intl. criminal court, finally send psychopath to destroy UN. Pay WAG THE DOG media ..

Yes and while all this continues to go on (and on and on especially for those it is happening to), we carry the dysfunctional mask of denial and continue to honor treason.

Here is Poppy and the Saudi part of the Carlyle Group who profited on 9/11 and power grid rebuilds throughout the world. (Poppy (affectionately nick-named from his drug cartel.. was having breakfast with them on the morning of 9/11, Marvin Bush was working on security at the WTC, and Bush Junior...HE was standing down.)

Of course shortly after 9/11 Junior had three HUNDRED Saudi nationals flown from the country - NOT allowing them to be interrogated by EITHER the FBI or CIA, and then classifying the flight lists when requested by congress (so they could compare them against FBI terror WATCH LISTS).

FOX, MSNBC, CNN... integrity
well hey, it was never even in the equation...

If they'll cover up 9/11, a pedophile ring that stretches back thirty years, and the fact that Kennebunkport was built on the proceeds of WWII and slave camps - whose side are the American press core on?


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