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Let's Roll, in Memory, Truth to Treason

Ah the American christian chicken hawk, hates abortion - loves torture, pedophilia - hates homosexuals (especially ones who want to marry), loves prison for everyone especially those not using the dope provided by the Bush drug cartel.

Common trait: Devoid of empathy, kindness, consideration, any normal human quality that would place them in a leadership role to lead human beings.

Below are excerpts from an article published in the Albion Monitor, 28 February 2002. It examines disturbing links between the global corporate strategy of Enron and the so called 'War Against Terrorism' pursued by the Bush Administration following the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in 2001.

These revelations, coupled with the growing evidence suggesting that US air defences were deliberately stood down on September 11 until it was too late, raise an awkward question of the greatest magnitude. Did those who died on September 11 do so as a consequence of a wider effort by the Bush Administration to promote Enron's overseas business interests as an integral part of emerging US energy and foreign policy?

This question is examined in more detail by nlpwessex at the end of the article. But at the very least it seems clear (as reported in the Washington Post 19 and 25 January) that the US National Security Council had established its own Enron-focused task force during 2001.
The purpose of the so-called 'Dabhol Working Group' was to try and rescue Enron's beleaguered power plant at Dabhol on India's west coast. This was a power plant whose economic survival was dependent on access to cheap gas - gas that was due to pass into the region from Turkmenistan via Afghanistan had it not been for been for the failure of the US administration to agree terms with the Taliban, followed by the US threatening them with war shortly before September 11.

The National Security Council is the President's nerve center for international crises and strategy. Its direct intervention on behalf of Enron in this way is extraordinary. In the words of the Washington Post:"The India episode demonstrates the ability of Enron -- once one of the nation's most aggressive and innovative firms, and one of the biggest political donors -- to command the attention, and sometimes the intervention, of the nation's highest government officials." It also suggests that the activities of Enron were regarded by the Bush Administration as of key relevance to the implementation of US government foreign and trade policy.
Also provided below is a recent US press report (2 March) linking the CIA to the flight training school attended by the lead September 11 suicide bomber, Mohammed Atta. The news report from Florida claims that: "New evidence linking the owner of the Venice, Florida, flight school that trained Mohamed Atta to the Central Intelligence Agency surfaced last month. The new evidence adds to existing indications that Mohamed Atta and his terrorist cadre's flight training in this country was part of a so-far unacknowledged U.S. government intelligence operation which had ultimately tragic consequences for thousands of civilians on September 11. Far from merely being negligent or asleep at the switch—the thrust so far of allegations expected to be aired at joint Senate and House Select Committee hearings this month—the accumulating evidence suggests the CIA was not just aware of the thousands of Arab student pilots who began pouring into this country several years ago to attend flight training, but was running the operation for still-unexplained reasons."

This alleged CIA operation involves claimed links to Caribe Air which "is today controlled by an offshore bank located on the Caribbean island of Dominica, Banc Caribe, a private bank that may be being investigated currently by authorities pursuing the names involved in Enron's secret offshore partnerships, many of which have the name 'Caribe' in their title...."
According to the Caribe Bank web site: "The benefits to a company incorporated in Dominica are numerous...Total anonymity and confidentiality is provided by the availability of bearer shares and the non-requirement to file organizational or accounting information with the registrar of companies."

Caribe Air is described in the article as "a notorious CIA proprietary air carrier which, even by the standards of a CIA proprietary, has had a particularly checkered past" including drug running operations out of Arkansas. The CIA has a long history of financing operations not authorised by congress through illegal drug running operations.

The latest report from Florida is consistent with earlier allegations made by Michael Springmann. Back in November the former US Government State Department official and head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) participated in an interview with BBC TV's premier evening current affairs programme 'Newsnight' in which he claimed linkages between the CIA and the bin Laden terrorist network.

In a further interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio Springmann revealed more of his claim of a CIA operation which has brought large numbers of people from the middle east to the US, issuing them visas and training them to be terrorists. According to Springmann some of the September 11 bombers were granted US entry visas via the US consulate in Jeddah facilitated through arrangements made by the CIA (additionally Newsweek reported 15 September FBI information suggesting that 'five of the alleged hijackers of the planes that were used in Tuesday’s terror attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s.' ).

Springmann suggests that those who died on September 11 may have been sacrificed in order to further wider US geopolitical objectives. In this respect the French newspaper Le Figaro reported last year that the CIA had met with bin Laden in Dubai in July 2001 and made no attempt to arrest him. As far as Mohammed Atta himself is concerned earlier reports suggest that he may have been in receipt of additional cash assistance sourced from the CIA.
Award-winning investigative journalist John Pilger maintains that Florida serves as probably the largest harbour for terrorists anywhere in the world. The latest discovery of apparent covert CIA activities in Florida reported by the Albion Monitor should not therefore come as a complete surprise. Nonetheless the specific implications in this case may ultimately prove devastating for the Bush administration as public dissatisfaction with lack of progress in the 'war against terrorism' grows.

President Bush has strong family ties to the CIA through his father who was its Director before becoming Vice President to Ronald Reagan. Following September 11 Bush senior was quoted in Time magazine calling for more powers for the CIA. Bush senior has himself been accused of complicity in CIA drug running activities linked to the previous Iran-Contra scandal. This may partly explain why Bush junior issued an Executive Order last year prohibiting public access to previous White House presidential records.


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