Thursday, November 24, 2005

Whose Side are THEY On?

Ah, you too can work for the great corporation (bow three times to the great divinity Dubya) ...kiss your retirement goodbye.

Sorry Neil Bush needed your retirement more than you (SNL, BCCI and the Saudis too the first round, this one is pure GOP mafia and ENRON)

Don't like the criminal way we behave...well then we'll make it legal..just like we did with SLAVERY

Hey we know what we DOING. We've had the terror/torture school going for over SIXTY YEARS .

Heck, the CIA is infamous for the assassination of a POET, Allende - the ELECTED prime minister of Chile...
taken out (a Pat Robertson mafia term) and replaced with Pinochet (best friend - USA) the murdering, torturing bastard they are still trying to prosecute.

Thus it was particularly touching when Chile held out against the USA when being pushed to vote at the UN to go into Iraq.


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