Saturday, September 24, 2005

This HAARP Is Not Played By Angels

While running a search on weather manipulation, then wading through the 500,000+ links that came up, I stumbled across a paper from Atlantic Richfield (Arco) discussing their work in weather manipulation and explaining how the technology was developed. (i.e. Eastland's earlier work. )

Don't let the title of the link put you off - the site has some solid material.

First an excerpt:

Bernard Eastland, an MIT and Columbia University physicist with eight years
experience with the Atomic Energy Commission, came to the rescue with an
extraordinary plan to use the energy "at the point of production."

Eastland, who soon became president of ARCO's Production Techno- logies
International Company in Houston, proposed burning the vast Alaskan gas
fields to power a huge electric generator. The resulting power would be
directed into a huge antenna complex, 40 miles on a side. The antennae
would be used to focus an intense beam of electro- magnetic energy into the
upper atmosphere where it would collide with the ionosphere to create a
phenomenon called the "mirror force." Eastland was granted a US Patent (#
4,686,605) for this invention on August 11, 1987.

"You can virtually lift part of the upper atmosphere," Eastland told OMNI,
"You can make it move, do things to it." One of the tricks Eastland
envisioned involved "surgically" distorting the ionosphere to disrupt
global communications. Pushing the upper atmosphere around might also
generate high-altitude "drag" that could heat and deflect enemy missiles or
surround them with "high-energy electrons" that might cause the missiles to
detonate in mid-trajectory.

The proposal appealed to the Pentagon, which invested several hundred
thousand dollars "evaluating" Eastland's work. Eastland maintained that
there were "peaceful" uses for his technology. In one scenario, he
explained how beams of electromagnetic power could lift portions of the
upper atmosphere and redirect the jetstream to alter global weather
patterns. Using "plumes of atmospheric particles to act as a lens or
focusing device," Eastland proposed redirecting sunlight and heat to
different parts of the Earth's surface, making it possible to manipulate
wind patterns, cause rainstorms in Ethiopia, drive hurricanes out of the
Caribbean, incinerate airborne industrial pollution and sew up the hole in
the Antarctic ozone layer.

"HAARP is the perfect first step towards a plan like
mine," Eastlund says. "Advances in phased-array transmitter technology and
power generation can produce the field strength required. The government
will say it isn't so, but if it quacks like a duck and it looks like a
duck, there's a good chance it is duck." "Eastlund is nuts," says an Air
Force official speaking on condition of anonymity. "HAARP is much smaller
and less powerful than his instrument. We are not doing anything except
good science and pure research. "The real beauty of HAARP," he then adds
cryptically, "is that nothing you can see on the outside is sensitive. The
secret is the beam steering agility and pulsing of the transmissions...
When covert operations occur, the science team, the operating funds and the
mission will be black."


No indeed. This HAARP is not played by angels, nor is it governed by anything approaching conscience, integrity and honor. This GOD is an acronym for Greed Oppression and Denial, no more - no less.


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