Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Big Love and the RNC (Really Nasty Christians)

I wasn't going to say anything about the Republican candidates for President, because it just seems too easy and patently obvious. But given mainstream media acts like they live on a compound at Big Love's (Mitt Romney) Ranch, I thought it time to say s-omething.

The guy taking over the current field of stellar (reptilian) candidates is a relic who does not believe in evolution. (A good thing if you are incapable of it - no disappointment when one does not change expected ...none happens...we can all go back to the old testament)

Ah yes, and do you ever see mainstream media in the USA interview a mainstream minister from the United Church, or Presbyterian or Sufi....nope not a chance. We consistently have the nut jobs from the Family Research Council, Dr. Dobson, money launderer supreme, or False Prophet Falwell (now deceased) to comment on everything political.
WHY? Well darlin they are the crusading churches who believe in pushing Christianity WORLDWIDE and do so daily with your tax payer dollars. In India, in Iraq and yes Iran...American tax dollars are used to push the christian radical faith of evangelical worship, better known as fascism.

Bush and his bible thumpers have corrupted the American judiciary as completely as Hitler did in Nazi Germany.
Hitler legalized his acts of dictatorship in exactly the way Bush has legalized his removal of habeas corpus, spying on the American people, and made it possible to accuse anyone of being a terrorist thus removing their rights altogether. Of course this was aided and abetted by a cowardly corrupt congress lead by Tom DeLay and now a pack of reptilian RNC who still goose step to Bush. . Most Americans on seeing the abuse by police of tasers, should be even more concerned over the fact that they no longer have the rights of a citizen in a democracy.

I see this morning that Mitt Romney, or "Big Love" as he is known around our leading the pack of reptilian christian crusading war profiteers, and why shouldn't he eh? He has all the credentials. Loves torture, would expand Gitmo...the World is just sooo pleased about American torture and wondering when if ever Americans will be held ACCOUNTABLE...or will we just get another plastic human being who sweeps everything under the rug and smiles in to the camera lying through his teeth that "well, we are the best, brightest...yada..."

And we all go back to sleep...

Gawd and John McCain, who installed the computer chip and when?

DEAD MAN WALKING issues another inspiring drone, John McCain, looks like his soul has left his body in disgust, shock and awe.

The RNC pack of fascist white guy foils in corporate attire, issuing their usual platitudes and code language to the religious nut cases
is just too painful to watch. Does anyone believe a thing these corporate cretins say? I the only one in the world who gets it that Guiliani is mafia...come on now guys... for gawd sake he is hated in New York and his chief of police is known mafia.

Big Love has my vote for most representing the USA and the news media. Plastic, near perfect he can change position on any issue three times before lunch and not break a sweat of conscience. Wow that Corporate Jesus sure does have some iron balls eh, no conscience, no truth and no humanity - now that is the guy I would want representing me and my family.


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