Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bush's Brain in Contempt and Beneath Contempt

Greg Palast publishes facts, a mountain of facts about the criminal-corporate-mafia-Bush- league thugs residing in the White House.
What has the world and America MOST livid, is the fact that Bush and Cheney have not been arrested along with their thug cronies and thrown into Gitmo for TREASON.

Karl in Kontempt
by Greg Palast

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Karl in Kontempt

Published December 14th, 2007
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A Rove-arian cancer on the Presidency

by Greg Palast

December 14th, 2007- If you read US papers, you’d barely note that Karl Rove was just charged with contempt of Congress by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and you sure as hell as wouldn’t know why. The Washington Post mentions that it was Rove’s failure to supply documents to the Committee regarding the firing of US Prosecutors. What you won’t get is what Rove is hiding in those documents.
Well, I’ll tell you. Better yet, I’ll let one of the fired prosecutors tell you. For BBC TV I spoke with David Iglesias, former US Attorney for New Mexico. Iglesias told me that Rove engineered his firing, part of a grand scheme to disenfranchise voters.

The job of the Justice Department is to protect voters. Rove’s scheme was, instead, to harass them - especially those colored brown and blue - i.e. Hispanic Democrats.
Watch the interview with David Iglesias and law professor Robert F. Kennedy Jr in excerpts from The Election Files. Watch the trailer for the film here.
Also listen to the SoonerThought Show Podcast with Greg Palast for more on the charges.

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Indeed the legacy of Karl Rove's brain is to provide America's Idi Amin, the King of worldwide terrorism, torture, and two illegal, immoral aggressive wars coupled with the theft of other countrys' natural resources. A common THUG country before the world, devoid of conscience, honor, or integrity - utter and complete criminals. Domestic delivery of democracy is not much better with Bush illegally spying on locals, removal of habeas corpus and a complete news blackout.

R.I.P. - the Democracy of America, R.I.P. habeas corpus, rest in peace THE law...only applied to Democrats or nonBushites under the current thugs and dead enders.

RIP - PEACE or HOPE as long as crime is allowed to rule the world.


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