Friday, December 14, 2007

Harper - " A Complete and Total Fraud" - a Fossil of Fascism

This week, completely AGAINST the wishes of the Canadian people, the Harper MINORITY government
sided with the USA in taking the world closer to "END OF TIMES" scenario that religious christian fanatics seem so bent on achieving.

Of course given the American military's admitted capability to control the weather, ya gotta wonder how much destruction they have created themselves to run people off land and steal natural resources while claiming to "rescue" said populace. But this week the fascist foils of Bushite wisdom drove Canada right off a cliff winning the FOSSIL award for taking the world BACKWARD in time and environmental planning. How proud we are of you Sir Steve. A once friendly, peace loving people we have been taken to war on an illegal, immoral premise, and now we are being forced backward in time by thugs, corporate thugs who for years have been on the payroll of firms like Thyssen, who funded Hitler in WWII, along with the Bush family.

But we don't talk about any REAL history, any REAL truth do we?

Nope we just BLINDLY follow and goose step to the latest
fascist fraud from the USA.

WE are now war criminals - having declared war on MOTHER EARTH, our source, ... in favor of psychopathic men in suits, to whom no one has the temerity to speak
the truth.

Bye Bye Canadian LIE
drove my Toyota to the levy
cause Hitler drove a Chevy
and the truth - it went bye bye.

The truth is in the palaces
of Bushites, Mulroneys, and Reagans,
the propaganda drying, like fresh dung
on the ladder of a rotting nation - hung...

to dry in a loop of lies -
paralyzed by its own freedom fried.

This action alert comes from To add your name to the short letter to PM Harper, simply click on the link below and fill out the info. :
Dear fellow Canadians,

Wow, I couldn’t believe it when I heard about our government’s sneaky ways of undermining the world’s efforts to stop climate change. This week, the press reported Al Gore calling the Harper government plan on CO2 emissions

a complete and total fraud…designed to mislead the Canadian people”.

Recently, Canada also received the international “Fossil Award” for misleading countries and quietly undermining international efforts at the climate negotiations in Kenya.

While our own Texas style, fossil continues to operate unchecked, uninvestigated and well funded from???

We have become the followers of the thugs and dead enders who have stolen the executive branch of the United States of America and corrupted the congress. We are fossils, quite dead, and a mere reflection of the reptilian brains operating the most criminal US administration in history.

Neither our innocence or our silence will protect us.

It is time to hold Harper and his fascist followers to account.

Act on behalf of ALL Canadians Mr. Harper or get the hell out of our house.

Or, a says,
Canada? Misleading people and undermining the world’s efforts to save their children’s futures and stop deadly flooding, storms, desertification, diseases? Not my Canada. Surely not.
Well, it’s true. And now I’m a strange mixture of hopping mad and really sad. This isn’t our country, not one bit, and we need to let our Prime Minister know which country he’s leading, and remind him that he works for us. Please click below to send a message directly to Stephen Harper asking him to come up with a real plan on climate change that doesn’t disgrace our nation and let down good people around the world:

Do the RIGHT thing - stand for our planet - our Mother, Earth.


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