Saturday, June 09, 2007

GOP Treason and Their Media Truck On

Like the song from Glamour Puss,

"we're just gravel on the road'

With few age groups fooled anymore by this hubris of hatefilled, paranoid humanity (the Bush gang), they still do truck on supported of course by American industry, the top 100 who have traded with both sides in every war, and continue to profit on the blood and oppression of their own people.

It is in fact planned.

First they armed Saddam, and then they put the country under sanctions for 12 years and starved the local populace (largely children), with periodic bombing raids (just for fun) by both the Brits and Americans. Then, after kicking out UN inspectors, operating outside Intl Law, the Geneva convention and American domestic law, the Bush regime bombed the heavens out of Iraq, a country that had not attacked them and that clearly had no WMD. The inspectors had already told them that and were about to make a worldwide announcement to that effect.

They proudly refer to these bombing raids as "shock and awe", all the while declaring war on "terror." ONLY a psychopath could have that disconnect and these men (and women) are psychopaths. Devoid of conscience, they lie to achieve whatever goal their corporate masters at Halliburton, Enron, or Carlyle, happen to set for them.

You can hear it Chris Mathews at MSNBC, playing silly bugger with constant small minded distractions (between fawning over Tom Delay) or Tucker Carlson trying to say that Bush is a liberal (because now that he is seen and sucks he cannot possibly be one of them).
The Saudis are given carte blanche to the Bush KINGDOM, of course having bought and paid for it - they should.

It is just that some of us were operating under the illusion that America is a country, a democratic country, when clearly it has been taken over by a criminal shadow government - no handed the keys by the GOP - it is called TREASON.

This is the longest living family of treasonous white collar crime in America. Take a good long look folks because the blood of our forefathers is all over this clan. While Dad, or Grandpa was crawling through a trench, these guys were ringing the cash register and talking patriotism and freedom.

From their palaces at Kennebunkport to the phoney ranch in Crawford, Texas, the American people have funded the palatial domains of this family. They have traded with the other side in every since war up to and including WWI. They are the shadow government of the USA.

Why is the Bush regime trying to let in twenty million immigrants when New Orleans has not been restored?

Why is Halliburton hiring illegal immigrants to rebuild New Orleans and the news media is NOT covering it?

It is called SLAVERY. Welcome to the 16th century - you are a serf and the Bush regime has the castle.

Currently 100 BUSHITES are running America, outside of congress, outside of the law, outside of the Geneva convention, outside of International Law.

Gawd, someone give him a blow job so we can impeach the son of a treasonous hypocrite.


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