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Bush Crime Family Controls America

A simple search on the web under "Bush Crime Family" produces the the following (first page sampling of 8 million links): Search: the web

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...the point being, that it is not difficult to find a mountain of facts pertaining to Bush criminality, just very little about accountability, or even having to obey the law.

It's the old..."just do as we say, not as we do" routine - the hubris of hypocrisy at its lowest common denominator.

H.W. was simply slicker than Junior. He lied too about Iraq intel, and had the UN invade with the USA, only later they found out that Iraqi tanks had not invaded Kuwait...they had not even been lined up along the border.

That too is in the national archives for anyone with a thirst for truth.

Jeff Gannon, male hooker, made over 200 overnight trips to the White House, where he was posing as a reporter, paid for by the RNC, with an amazing level of security clearance that seemed to allow him to come and go at anytime.

Mainstream media dropped this story like a hot potato. I guess it simply did not warrant the same level of penetration as the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky coverage for example.

Isn't it funny how laws and news reporting only seem to apply to Democratic candidates in the USA? How is it that the public never hears the real Bush record?

Bada bada bing, like Robert Baer (ex CIA Middle East expert) says, "they are the WASP mafia of America. They ( family Bush) flew over 140 Saudis out of the country on private jets after 9/11 and would not allow the interrogation of one Saudi on their departure. The flight records are available online, yet we hear little of this fact in our professed "free media."

Nope it seems to me that the Bush crime family has the United States of America, or had.
From the Savings and Loan bilking of America to today, every Bush administration has resulted in a major shortfall in budget to the American taxpayer. Let us end sixty years of terror perpetuated on the world by this enemy trading, lying gang, who would - and have - stolen the fillings out of grandmother's mouths, while they armed both sides of every conflict.

Behind the Merchants of Death in WWI, there was Sam Bush, Behind Hitler, indeed some even called him "Hitler's Angel, there was Prescott Bush, and of course Reagan/Bush propped up every tin horned dictator like Marcus in the Phillipines, Pinochet in Chile (after they had assassinated poet, and elected PM, Salvadore Allende).

Heck American news media has become nothing but a paid off propagandized mouth piece for a crime family using political office to provide criminal corporate advantage. Anything for a price.

This was a country that strutted around after WWII saying how "it could never happen here".

Really, then how is it that this one family seems impervious to the laws of the land and can operate as if they were invisible. It makes the mainstream media seem, well ...either incredibly stupid or equally as corrupt.

I do know this. Until someone finds their spine and stands in his/her own integrity to face this slime, it will simply expand and continue to slither over everything until all breath is sucked out the planet.

Integrity is important, character is critical and honesty is integral to decency. Currently the USA is operating in a void of spin and lies, devoid of integrity, character or decency.

A BBC world poll indicates that Bush is considered the greatest terrorist threat to the world.
Yet he has "executive privilege" to behave in a fashion detrimental to the country and no one can touch him.

The RNC congress sold (well gave) the last vestiages of freedom to the Bush family, lock, stock and barrel.

America is at a crossroads. People can give up a feigned innocence and brainwashing that tells them it is OK to bomb the shit out of another country every few years and steal their oil, driving indigenous people from their land and starting local civil wars. We can face the truth and bring these carpet bagger, oil baron, lying, thieves to justice.

Executive privilege amounts to nothing more than giving a psychopathic narcissist carte blanche. Your call.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stealth Lesbian deserves credit for the courage to state some ugly facts. The WASP mafia came over in colonial times to open a crime franchise in the New World. The Bush dynasty may have been involved in drug trafficking back at the time of the Opium Wars and certainly senior Bush was well aware of drug trafficking under protection of high level officers of our federal government while he was head of the CIA.

The chief error is innocence. Both parties and their respective hacks work for the same syndicate and the rape and pillage of our nations continues regardless of which party supposedly holds the reigns at any given time.

1:01 PM  
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