Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Suggestion Box

Karl Rove has smeared our community,
lied as policy and obstructed justice at every turn.

Let's sentence Karl to life in space with only his propaganda played back to him on TV screens, 24 hours a day. Sign on and sign off will of course be John Ashcroft singing "
Let the Eagle Soar", with Talon News and
Gay Male Escort aka RNC reporter Jeff Gannon providing a testamonial for Karl and how Karl so kindly provided him with a secret CIA memo regarding Valerie Plame.

Cheney is a criminal, who should be in jail for treason.

He is a war criminal who would be in the docket in the Hague if not for the fact that the USA operates as a rogue state, outside the Geneva convention and International Law.

From Lockheed, where wife Lynn sat on the board for 16 years, to Halliburton, the Cheney's like the Bush's, depend on your patriotism. Who else will die for their pipe dreams, eh?
Certainly not them or their children!

Lest we forget Dr. Strangelove...Wolfowitz, who said the Iraqi oil would pay for the war and that the US would be greated with garlands.

Indeed, let's add blowhard Limbaugh to the list while we are at it. That is if he can take time away from trading drugs with his maid!

Zing went the strings of commerce....bada, bada bing, this globalist thing is sooooo cozy it makes bedfellows outa fascists, regardless of state.

Thugs and dead enders indeed! Let us START by holding them accountable before God and the world.


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