Tuesday, March 20, 2007

They're Back - Sixty Years of Bush Corporate Fascism

Bush's criminal confessions

Despite its penchant for secrecy, the Bush White House has left a remarkable paper trail of crimes in its "war on terror."
By Karen Greenberg

Confession, the time-honored, soul-soothing last resort for those caught in error, may not survive the Bush administration. It has, after all, long made a mockery of such revelations by manufacturing an entire lexicon of coercive techniques to elicit often non-existent "truths" that would justify its detention policies. And yet, without being coerced in any way, administration officials have been confessing continually these past years -- in documents that may someday play a part in their own confrontation with justice.
The Bush administration trail of confessions can be found in the most unlikely of places -- the very memos and policy statements in which its officials were redefining reality in their search for the perfect (and perfectly grim) extractive methods that would give them the detainee confessions they so eagerly sought. These were the very documents that led first to Gitmo, then to Abu Ghraib, and finally deep into the hidden universe of pain that was their global network of secret prisons. Click on the sponsor logo:

to read this article and all of Salon for free http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2006/12/11/confessions/index_np.html

Katrina, land reformation Mugabe Bush style.
He gave the money to shore up the levees to the Iraq slush fund, of which 8 BILLION dollars is missing.

CONdi was out shopping for shoes when Katrina struck, and albeit fatigued from her shopping spree, managed to show up and deign to shake a few hands.

Is this the Falwell fascist school of hypocrisy?
Oh, that George he is such a funny guy eh?
George is standing on principle ...and what would that be:

trading with the enemy
money laundry
drug running
private gestapo

Let's just stand in the millions and shut the damn world down until they prosecute these thugs and face the heart of darkness destroying America and the world.


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