Saturday, March 17, 2007

Trust or Treason - the Bush Record

TRUST OR HUSTLE: The Bush Record
David E. Scheim
(Details) (Absentee ballot fraud in 6 Florida Counties)

What you’ve got with Bush [George senior] is absolutely the largest number of siblings and children involved in what looks like a never-ending hustle.”
- Republican pundit Kevin Philips.1

In 1992 under President George Bush Sr., taxpayers were stuck with a $500 billion S&L bailout2 and the largest budget deficit in U.S. history. Eight years after Bush was defeated, the largest surpluses ever accrued. Coincidence? Consider the Bush family financial record:

GEORGE W. BUSH: Refused to answer news questions about an $848,000 stock sale probed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).3 Bush later claimed he was exonerated by the SEC when the SEC’s report on the probe specifically stated he was not exonerated.4 US News and World Report compared his financial record to brother Neil’s.5 (New developments on Bush stock cover-up.)

BROTHER JEB BUSH (campaigned recently with George): Lobbied to enable a Mob-linked Florida HMO to receive $1 billion in Medicare payments; its owner later fled the U.S. under indictment, suspected of up to $100 million in Medicare fraud.6 Jeb helped trigger the $285 million collapse of a Florida S&L by defaulting on a $4.5 million loan that was arranged thru a front with no repayment schedule specified.7

BROTHER NEIL BUSH: Played a key role in the $1 billion collapse of Silverado Banking in Denver.8

UNCLE JONATHAN BUSH: Fined in two states for violating securities laws.9

UNCLE PRESCOTT BUSH: Arranged investments for a Japanese Mob front in two U.S. firms; both later filed for bankruptcy.10

GEORGE BUSH SR.: Disbanded the independent federal organized crime strike forces, which had been successfully prosecuting S&L looters.11 (See complete details and documentation on all of above at

Republican pundit Kevin Phillips called this Bush family record a “never-ending hustle.”12

Do we really want this bunch to do to privatized social security what they did to the S&Ls?
David E. Scheim, PhD, is the author of the 1989 New York Times bestseller, Contract on America. He is a retired commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service.


This criminal family Bush has committed treason with trust, repeating the same history again and again, because American news is paid to not report the truth.

Restore trust, indict treason.


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