Sunday, August 20, 2006

Proud to Be An American?

The psychopathic, narcissistic arrogance of American genocide and occupation is staggering. A country that had no part in 9/11 is attacked and six years later is still not secured. Thousands of Iraqis have died during American "shock and awe" carpet bombing raids of civilian targets and of course the Americans - not being part of the International Court - and having opted out of the Geneva convention, operate like barbarian warlords, becoming the very evil they so claim to despise.
Just like South America, the death squads have followed Negroponte to Iraq and I guess we can expect to see more of the continual attempts to divide and conquer at home.
Speaking of evil, the oil slick from Texas stretches over sixty years of treason.

Why write a law, Bush doesn't defend the constitution - he is the number one abuser.


to be an American? Am I proud about the bombing of Afghanistan or Iraq for weeks on end, and at the cost of a billion dollars a day? No, mass murder is not something I cherish, nor is it a hobby of mine. I’m not convinced that the Afghan people had anything to do with the events of 9-11. Nor am I convinced that Iraq deserves to be singled out for execution, as a “bad guy” with a black hat, amidst a sea of pearly white morality the world over. And what’s this about “IF” we go to war with Iraq? Don’t our warplanes bomb Iraqi targets on a regular basis, even as we speak?

(Coca Cola is linked to the murder of over 145 workers in Columbia when they tried to form a union. THAT is the American "democracy" being exported abroad. )

If the USA and Israel are holding entire countries hostage for the actions of a few, what is to stop that kind of thinking in reverse?

Recently there was an “Earth Summit” held in Africa by the United Nations, attended by most of the countries of the world, with the notable exception of the president of the United States. This is no surprise, since as a country, we’ve also pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol regarding greenhouse emissions, and several other environmental treaties. I guess “green” isn’t good for business. Bush and company have reduced clean air and water standards, increased logging and mining, given big businesses billions in government subsidies, (free handouts) calling that an “economic stimulus package”, while the Environmental Protection Agency receives less than one percent of the national budget. Again, it’s all a matter of greed, not concern for future generations.

For whom did my son die in Iraq?
Now my son is dead. How did he die? According to the Army, he was killed on Aug. 13 in western Iraq when an IED -- an "improvised explosive device" -- detonated near his vehicle. According to me, he was killed by the arrogance and ineptitude of George W. Bush aided by Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.Posted Aug 20, 2006 09:12 AM PSTCategory: IRAQ

While in Canada, the man in charge of our military is a Neo Con, bent on fulfilling the wishes of
an American administration he refers to as his "shining light."


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